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What I Wore: Bali Edition

On holiday my style gets way more colourful and outlandish – in London I feel as though you get funny looks if you go brighter than navy. I’ll often be the most colourful person n the tube, wearing cobalt or red in a sea of grey. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking neutrals, my work wardrobe is mainly black, white, nude and navy. And it works. But when you’re in vaycay mode anything goes and you can just have way more fun with fashion. Last time I went to Bali, my main lament was that I just didn’t bring enough bikinis, so this year I brought about 10… which may have been too many but whatever, I loved them all. I got one special (read: expensive) bikini from independent label Just Sauced, a few cheap sale styles for ASOS and some sporty bikinis from Topshop. H&M are also failproof for swimwear. My body shape doesn’t suit one pieces as my stomach is basically my least-fat body part, so why am I going to cover …

artifact uprising travel photo book

My Travel Photo Book by Artifact Uprising

It arrived, it finally arrived! Actually I only had to wait a mere week for my hardcover photo book by Artifact Uprising so I was caught off guard when the postman delivered it this morning, I thought it would take much longer to get here. I knew the way I wanted to commemorate my backpacking trip was with one of these babies, it’s such a lovely idea and a real novelty to look at photos that aren’t on a screen. Making the book could not have been easier, you can upload photographs from your computer or direct from you VSCO or Instagram account. Or a mix of the three like me. You can choose the layout of each page, colour of the book and the dust sleeve; creating a book that is totally unique to you. These memories are all so precious to me (I mean I had a lot of f*cking fun), and this book is perfect for preserving them. Hardcover Photo Book, Artifact Uprising 

My Travel Style

When I first started planning my trip around the world (hopefully) and began researching like mad into how to prepare, plan and most importantly pack, I came across loads of packing lists with practical advice on what clothes to take. Sadly all these list were boring as f*ck. I like to dress in a way that reflects my personality ESPECIALLY ON VAYCAY. It’s meant to be fun and cargo pants and khaki vests just aren’t going to cut it. While I wholeheartedly agree you should take certain items and pack clever, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun. So here are my tips on how to spice up your travel style… Check out my packing guides… DRESS COLOURFULLY You know in London in winter when you’re on the tube wearing a non-black jacket and you look around you and realise you stick out like a sore thumb and then feel totally conspicuous? That’s the worst. But the sun is made for bold yellow, deep red and sky blue. Wearing black also makes your photos …

My Travel Bucket List – 3 Months In

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Before I embarked upon this journey  wrote a little bucket list of things I wanted to see, do and experience. 3 months in, I thought I’d see how I’m doing, so here is my UPDATED bucket list… READ MY ORIGINAL TRAVEL BUCKET LIST 1. Get a massage Still a big fat no, the thought of an old Thai/Indian/Balinese woman crawling all over my naked body fills me with fear. Having now actually seen the famous Thai massage I can honestly say I will go to my grave without ever having one, gladly. FAIL 2. Have a holiday romance I guess I’ve had a little ‘romance’, I’ve had 4 Tinder dates, 2 non-Tinder dates, a few snogs, a few disappointing experiences, a dalliance in a hut… so I’m getting by. But no big romance… yet. WATCH THIS SPACE 3. See the Taj Mahal Yep, seen it. It was magical but obviously the one time I see it it had scaffolding on. FML. WIN 4. Not swim with dolphins Still haven’t and …

JungleFish, Ubud Bali Review

*WARNING* Overzealous use of superlatives, hyperbole and general gushing in this article. Sorry in advance. Jungle Fish is a bar/restaurant in the middle of the jungle which features a breathtaking infinity pool. Words and pictures can do this place no justice, but let me say this; my friend Amanda had tears of joy/awe in her eyes when we arrived. It’s that magical. Surprisingly it’s not that well known I don’t think, after speaking with people here in Bali it’s definitely still under the radar. My Tinder habit/addiction came through once again as it was a potential date who told me about this place. Seriously I get so many travel tips from Tinder – even if you’re not single it’s worth using it for that. You have to spend 150,000 Rupiah minimum to use the Jungle Fish pool, but that’s only about £8. My friends and I spent an afternoon there enjoying their sublime food, fluffy towels, excellent service and out-of-this-world cocktails. Happy hour is from 4pm to 7pm and gets you 40% off drinks; try …

Follow Me on Instagram

While I’m on my backpacking trip/ big fat excuse to have fun and not work I’m documenting my adventures every step of the way on Instagram. As much as I’d like to blog everyday, crappy wifi and a lack of time mean I can’t. But I snap 100s of photos each week and a lot make it on to Instagram. So follow me at @shereemilli (same for Twitter and Pinterest) for pics of jungles, beaches and ridiculous outfits! 💖 @shereemilli    

Backpacker Fashion: The Headscarf

Main photo credit: Giambatista Valli copyright Vogue Runway If you take one item backpacking with you… make it your passport. LOL. But do take a fashionable scarf. It can be used as , well, a scarf, to tie around a bag. as a neckerchief, bracelet, bandeau and as a headscarf or hairband. This will protect your hair from the sun and hide cray cray hair from strangers too. Plus it looks super cool when teamed with some big sunglasses and you don’t need a stitch of hair or makeup either! Check out this tutorial on how to tie a headscarf:   ASOS has a fab range of scarves HERE

The Stylish Guide to London

London is an amazing city with something to do and see on every corner but it can be slightly overwhelming with that much choice. So here are eleven of my personal favourite places in LDN, enjoy.  WHERE TO EAT SKETCH Sketch was once the most expensive restaurant in the UK and a Brit-pop celeb haunt; those days are thankfully over but the amazing aesthetic that made Sketch famous remains. Glasgow-based artist and illustrator David Shrigley is the latest artist to lend his talents to The Gallery dining room there, turning into a pink paradise. It really is very pink and is home to the largest collection ever of Shrigley’s drawings – afternoon tea here will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Sketch, 9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG  JAGO The trend for delicious Middle-Eastern and Ashkenazi cuisine is going nowhere and the latest opening serving this food is Jago in London’s Shoreditch. Headed up by the ex-head chef of Ottolenghi, Jago serves food all day from breakfast and brunch to a late …

How To Travel in Luxury… On a Backpacker’s Budget

If you’re looking for spa and five star hotel recommendations here, then sorry, you’re in the wrong place. I may be fashionable, but I’m still a backpacker – and there’s no shame in that. Some of the most beautiful and fun things you can do in this world a free. Even back home in the UK a £5 Nandos was pretty much my favourite activity (Gosh I miss Nandos). I’m very inventive though and I’ve come up with some tips to make your budget trip that little bit chicer – and remember, luxury is a state of mind.* 1. Take a little luxury with you Whether it’s a Bella Freud top, your favourite beauty product or even a mini Diptyque candle – put it in your backpack and take it with you. A little item that won’t take up much space can give you a taste of the creature comforts you’re used to and make you feel that bit more glam. 2. Hunt for online deals Want to visit that hotel, restaurant, spa or gallery? …