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Your Guide to 2 Weeks in Panama: Part. 3 Bocas Del Toro

Bocas Del Toro is definitely a party town, I loved the vibe, it felt very Caribbean and just fun. It’s really close to Costa Rico and is so lush, green and tropical. Bocas is comprised of four main islands: Isla Colon, Isla Carenero, Isla Bastimentos, and Isla Solarte, and you get about by getting water taxis everywhere (so fun).

How to get there

We flew from Panama city ($100). It was such a good flight, very minimal security, it took about 5 mins to get in the airport and the flight is around 40mins.

Where to stay

Bambuda Lodge is amazing. It’s a completely off-the-grid ecolodge. All the water is filtered rainwater, the electricity is solar-powered and there’s no plastic straws (haha). It really is stunning, set in lush greenery with gasp-worthy views and a giant waterside. We paid approx $50 per night for a private room but they also have dorms. There’s a great and free jungle trail right next to the lodge which takes about an hour and ends in this cool lagoon thing. They lend you wellies as it’s pretty muddy. Also, everyone eats dinner together ‘family style’ so it’s a super sociable place. fab for solo travellers.

Red Frog Beach

This beach is really beautiful and has some great bars on it. We got a cabana for the day ($20) outside Nacho Mamas. We were waited on hand and foot by the lovely Jeremy, who said I had ‘the perfect body’ so he got a massive tip. We ate dinner here, $12 for a huuuge lobster, and the margaritas were great. Delish. This is a private beach so you have to pay $5 entry but it’s worth it as on the ten min walk from boat to beach we saw an alligator, turtle, baby ‘gator and a SLOTH!

Bocas Town

The main town is full of really colourful shops and bars and it’s easy to organise a day trip to one of the many areas of natural beauty. Hire a bike and see it that way.

Filthy Fridays

This, as the name suggests, is on a Friday, and it’s like an epic bar crawl on sea. Tickets are $35 which gets you a tee, entry to three bars and the boat travel between them. This from the outside reminded me of one of those horrible student piss ups… and it kind of was but as it’s in one of the most beautiful places in the world in the sun and there’s REGGAETON, it was actually lit and I had the best time.

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