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Portland Travel Guide

My trip to Portland was for work – I work for British shoe brand Dr. Martens – and we had our SS18 Global Conference there. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have some spare town and explore the city of Portland while I was there. This was actually my first time in North America – it’s never appealed to me that much, as coming from England I assumed the cultures would be pretty similar and I like to be thrown into the unknown. But, doubts aside, I had a blast. Portland is small but perfectly formed and there’s definitely some cool little places to shop, eat and drink as well as fun activities. Here’s what I got up to… EAT Harlow A cool vegan eatery in hip Hawthorne for when you want something healthy and nutritious. Halsteins Classic American burgers and out-of-this-world service. Ruby Jewel An amazing selection of ice creams – plus, they do a dairy-free version too. Grassa Pasta and salads in a cool and trendy canteen-style building. Sizzle Pie Pizza Some truly …

Amazing Photos of Los Angeles and Coney Island

Singapore-born US-based photographer Nguan describes his photographs as ‘ordinary fantasies’ which I think may be the most heartbreakingly perfect couplet of words I’ve ever heard. His projects ‘Coney Island’ and ‘City of dreams’ beautifully capture big city yearning in dreamy candyfloss hues. I love. Coney Island and City of Dreams by Nguan CONEY ISLAND CITY OF DREAMS