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7 Amazing Tips For Staying in Hostels

Let’s face it, staying in a hostel is no one’s dream situation. Ideally I’d be staying in 5 Star hotels every night… but until they become free, or I become rich, then it’s not going to happen. So hostels it is. These days there are actually some super cool, chic hostels that combine great design and great prices – admittedly most of these are in western Europe or more westernised places – but hostels can be seriously fun! Plus you’re way more likely to meet fellow young travellers in a hostel than the Four Seasons. Here are 7 golden rules for happy hostelling. 1. Take Earplugs My Dad runs a clubnight with a very loud soundsystem and a lot of people complain it’s to loud when they go, the obvious response would be ‘well, if you can’t stand the heat…’ but the staff dole out earplugs. And they work! Don’t be a moaner, just stick a plug in it. You can buy them mega cheap off eBay. 2. And a sleep mask I’m a great …

Check Out These Stunning Photos of Beaches by Massimo Vitali

Massimo Vitali of Como, Italy began his career as a photo journalist in the 1970s and it wasn’t until 1995 that he began taking photos of the vast, detailed landscapes he is best known for. His evocative scenes of beaches, pools and other public spaces were captured from super-high podiums (sometimes 4 or 5 metres high, yikes), observing his subjects from a distance. This gives a glimpse into the behaviours of people in their leisure time, from all around the world – Vitali is something of a globe-trotter. It’s hard not to feel moved by the little figures and clean, bright colours. Especially if you’re a globe-trotter yourself! Massimo Vitali: Natural Habitats