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What to do, eat and see in Ubud

I never planned to go to Ubud because it looks very inland on the map and I was on such a beach vibe but at the suggestions of friends (THANK YOU) I visited this jungle paradise and I am going to live here one day, I swear. I love Ubud so much; the food, the people, the scenery. It’s a must see. I spent a week there and it was nowhere near long enough.

Anyhoo, enough of me kissing Ubud’s butt, read on for my tips on how to make the most of your trip there.

Where to stay…

Balibuu hostel was where we stayed for 6 days and it was… interesting. The hostel has a great outside common area with a pool, lots of tables and two baby bunny rabbits (both of whom tragically died during or stay there, but I’m sure they replace them?) and the rooms are nice.

However I stayed on the top bunk and almost died from discomfort, like I’d wake up in the middle of the night just thinking ‘ow, ow, ow, ow’ and I’m not a diva, in fact it’s one of my most valued skills that I’m able to sleep literally anywhere… on the floor, standing up, you name it. So yeah the beds are the most uncomfortable I’ve ever slept in. My pals seemed okay on the bottom bunks though.


After two nights of zero sleep I moved into the weird honeycomb structures in the lobby, like bamboo tubes with blankets, these had no mattresses but were still more comfortable than the bunkbed. Sadly sleep was to evade me in the noisy lobby, due to the BIRDS THAT LIVE IN THE ROOF. I really liked this hostel and the social aspect of it but I think the lack of sleep made me a bit ill, so I’d advise staying a night or two then moving onto somewhere more comfy.

Where to eat…

Alchemy, a vegan cafe, which I’ve reviewed here, the street food here is outstanding – it’s so cheap as well.

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Masakan Padang which I thought was the name of a restaurant but which I’ve since seen in several other places so I think it’s a type of food… like a buffet. There is one near Balibuu hostel (turn left, first place on your right over the bridge) where I went twice daily; spicy chicken, succulent veggies and the tastiest chilli sauce in the all for 17,000 Rupiah (or less than £1). This food was outrageously good. It reminded me of my mum’s Jamaican chicken, which is the highest complement.


Where to drink…

Jungle Fish which I have devoted a whole post to here because IT IS AMAAAAAZZZZZING!


Where to party…

CP Lounge is one of the few bars in Ubud that stays open really late and has a party vibe. While Ubud is just not about dat life (you’ll be doing so much wholesome daytime stuff that come the evening you’ll be knackered and watching Broad City with a takeaway pizza) you do sometimes need a dance so here’s good for that. You’ll also see everyone here since it’s the only option. The music is okay though and the drinks are reasonable (just skip table service to save cash).

What to do…

Ubud Market is great and I bought, wait for it; three dresses, one t-shirt, one bag, twoooooo silver ringsssss. LOL, the dresses here are beautiful and the perfect thing to wear in hot weather, I kinda wish I’d bought more. Please HAGGLE LIKE A BEAST though as they will try and extort any tourist stupid enough. One dress I was quoted 380,000 Rupiah for and I got it for 100,000 Rupiah. You can usually get at least 50% knocked off. I got the prettiest red dress for just £2.50 and I’ve already worn it 5 times. Cost per wear on fleek!

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There’s a stunning waterfall which costs just 10,000 Rupiah entrance and is an epic adventure to get to. We enlisted the help of a gang of local youths, I think they thought we were going to die… but yeah we accidentally went to the non-tourist top of the waterfall instead of the bottom where you can swim first, but what a view. Afterwards we made it into the pool and it was INVIGORATING!

There’s also a monkey forest (sounds like what it is), lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants, a big vegan scene. Yoga classes, animal shelters, rice fields… and Ubud is so very, very pretty.

Tips and tricks…

Get a scooter as I fail to see how you would get around otherwise, they cost about 40,000 Rupiah per day to rent and I only spent £3 on petrol n a whole week, oh and download for maps that don’t require wifi! Lifesaver.


There are a lot of ex-pats here so it’s worthwhile chatting to them for insider tips.


I LOVE UBUD, I might move there





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