Month: December 2015

California by Nick Joseph

Nick Joseph’s cool, washed-out photos of Southern California perfectly capture that SoCal essence. That bright, clean, hazy light that seems exclusive to LA makes these pictures irresistible. As well as being a photographer Joseph is also an editor at the urban bible

My Packing List Pt. 2

Read My Packing List Pt. 1 This is the second part of my packing list, the one with all the lady stuff. When you think about it, it takes a helluva lot of grooming to even look half presentable. If it were up to me, I’d let myself go to seed and not bother with shaving or plucking… but it’s not, I would be shunned by society for sure if I took a more relaxed approach to beautifying. That said, there’s no point going OTT while you’re backpacking. So leave the straighteners, foundation and fake tan at home.

My Packing List Pt. 1

There are a million and one packing lists out there for RTW backpacking trips, this is mine, and I hope (fingers crossed) that I’m taking the right things and that I can break it down in an easy fashion so as to help you. Here it goes. Countries visited: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Bali, Borneo Weather: Mostly hot, some cold nights Length of trip: 3-5 months Type of travel: Budget (hostels, sleeper trains and street food) NOTE: I’ve included some quick-buy links to some products to make them easy to shop. Some, but not all are affiliate links from which I make a tiny commission, this is at no extra charge to you. Please email me with any packing-related questions too.  The Backpack I chose one based on price to be honest, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds and I don’t think you need to. I bought a Karrimor backpack from Amazon for £53 and it had great reviews. Hopefully it will be in a locker most of the time. I chose a 65l …

My Travel Bucket List

Follow my blog with Bloglovin On the 5th of February 2016 (that’s pretty soon – eek) I’ll be heading out on the road for my round the world trip. I’ve spent a lot of time planning logistics, finances and other admin things like that, but I haven’t sat down and thought about what I want to get out of this trip. So I’ve reached down deep and come up with a bucket list of experiences I want from my travels… 1. Get a massage I have never had a massage (gasp), I know, shoot me! There are two reasons, one being I hate spending money on things I can’t see… like nice underwear, totally pointless to me. The other is, ewwwwww, stranger intimately caressing my naked body – I seriously don’t get enough action of that kind anyway, so my body isn’t used to it. My little sister LOVES massages, she’s obsessed, she even let a souk-keeper molest her in Marrakesh in exchange for a quick back rub (now that was funny) so they must …

The Atlas of Beauty Celebrates Diversity

(Main photo.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Michaela Noroc) Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc‘s ambitious project The Atlas of Beauty aims to capture portraits of women from every country in the world, she’s already snapped girls in 37 countries and shows no signs of slowing. From Western Europe to Asia, North Africa, Scandinavia and the Caribbean Noroc shows us the vast diversity of women, and that it is all these differences that make each of us beautiful. As a mixed race, brown-skined child growing up in the UK in the 90s I felt so hideous because I was the polar opposite of all the thin, white and almost exclusively blond women in the media. These days we have beauties that break the mould like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, but they still mainly adhere to Western ideals of beauty – so theres a way to go yet. These multi-coloured, multi-cultural portraits from around the globe make the runways and fashion magazines I read seem unbearably dull and bland in comparison. See the rest of The Atlas of …