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My Travel Bucket List – 3 Months In

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Before I embarked upon this journey  wrote a little bucket list of things I wanted to see, do and experience. 3 months in, I thought I’d see how I’m doing, so here is my UPDATED bucket list…


1. Get a massage

Still a big fat no, the thought of an old Thai/Indian/Balinese woman crawling all over my naked body fills me with fear. Having now actually seen the famous Thai massage I can honestly say I will go to my grave without ever having one, gladly.


2. Have a holiday romance

I guess I’ve had a little ‘romance’, I’ve had 4 Tinder dates, 2 non-Tinder dates, a few snogs, a few disappointing experiences, a dalliance in a hut… so I’m getting by. But no big romance… yet.


3. See the Taj Mahal

Yep, seen it. It was magical but obviously the one time I see it it had scaffolding on. FML.


4. Not swim with dolphins

Still haven’t and yes they still annoy me, but I did swim with elephants (a much more agreeable creature).


5. Go tubing in Laos

I actually am now not going to Laos, my plans have changed a lot BUT due to this I got to go to Bali which I loved so I still win. I kinda went tubing in Thailand too so…


6. Be moved to tears

Almost… almost. India had a lot of beautiful sights. Pushkar and the lake ceremony had me feeling tearful but the only time I’ve actually, properly cried on this trip is when I lost my bank card, when I had my heart broken (slight exaggeration) and I f*cking wept when I got lost on a scooter in the middle of the jungle, alone, at night with no phone battery and no idea where my hostel was… for an hour.


7. See the Southern Lights

Not yet – they’re in NZ.


8. Touch an elephant




9. Rent a bicycle

In Gili T. all I did was cycle round and it was sooo much fun. I had one of the best days of my life cycling round there listening to One Dance by Drake.

Read all about Gili T.


10. Make some amazing memories

Yes, yes indeed… check out my instagram for photographic evidence. Notable memories are swimming in the clearest ocean ever in Gili. Partying at Eden. Rafting in Thailand. Seeing all the beautiful palaces in India. Bali (all of it).


11. Prove my theory that I can’t get bitten by mosquitoes

Okay so this did not happen. In Varanasi I got bit literally 100 times in 5 minutes on the Ganges and I think I had an anaphylactic shock. I get roughly 20 bites each day, huge angry ones and mosquitoes manage to bite me THROUGH my clothing. How the mighty have fallen. I have no blood left in me.


12. Eat Cerviche in Lima, Peru

Not yet but the food in India and bali was heavenly especially the food I cooked at a Sikh temple in India.


13. Visit the desert town of Huacachina in Peru


14. Do something that scares me

To be perfectly honest, travelling itself scared me, and I’ve been doing that for 3 months. I get scared I’m missing out on things happening at home, that my career is over, that I’m not doing the whole backpacking thing ‘right’, that I look hideous in a bikini... and I’m overcoming these things just by being here (currently in Kuala Lumpur airport).

One thing that does stick out is driving a moped, which I said I would never do because I am terrified of motorbikes and scooters, but due to circumstance I kinda had to and I feel more comfortable driving myself than being on the back of someone else’s bike. So now I can drive a scooter – I can’t even drive a car – and my navigation is getting better, plus I’m a whizz at navigating traffic and riding on the sidewalk thanks to 4 years cycling in central London. Oh and it’s pretty fun too.


So that’s my 3 month update, I’ll do this again in another few months and see where we’re at, but I think this is a good start, no?

What’s on your bucket list?


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