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My Travel Style

When I first started planning my trip around the world (hopefully) and began researching like mad into how to prepare, plan and most importantly pack, I came across loads of packing lists with practical advice on what clothes to take. Sadly all these list were boring as f*ck. I like to dress in a way that reflects my personality ESPECIALLY ON VAYCAY. It’s meant to be fun and cargo pants and khaki vests just aren’t going to cut it. While I wholeheartedly agree you should take certain items and pack clever, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun. So here are my tips on how to spice up your travel style… Check out my packing guides… DRESS COLOURFULLY You know in London in winter when you’re on the tube wearing a non-black jacket and you look around you and realise you stick out like a sore thumb and then feel totally conspicuous? That’s the worst. But the sun is made for bold yellow, deep red and sky blue. Wearing black also makes your photos …

Backpacker Fashion: The Headscarf

Main photo credit: Giambatista Valli copyright Vogue Runway If you take one item backpacking with you… make it your passport. LOL. But do take a fashionable scarf. It can be used as , well, a scarf, to tie around a bag. as a neckerchief, bracelet, bandeau and as a headscarf or hairband. This will protect your hair from the sun and hide cray cray hair from strangers too. Plus it looks super cool when teamed with some big sunglasses and you don’t need a stitch of hair or makeup either! Check out this tutorial on how to tie a headscarf:   ASOS has a fab range of scarves HERE

Backpacker Fashion: The Crochet Crop Top

There are certain items of clothing that you just can’t get away with wearing in ‘real life’, one of those is crochet anything. It’s just not aprops if it’s not on the beach. However when backpacking, anything goes, so make sure you’re not left out and nab yourself a crochet crop top. You can get them for as little as £3 and they’re so cute. Be sure to do a few abdominal crunches before you rock one! She Made Me do amazing crochet clothing  

My Packing List Pt. 1

There are a million and one packing lists out there for RTW backpacking trips, this is mine, and I hope (fingers crossed) that I’m taking the right things and that I can break it down in an easy fashion so as to help you. Here it goes. Countries visited: India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Bali, Borneo Weather: Mostly hot, some cold nights Length of trip: 3-5 months Type of travel: Budget (hostels, sleeper trains and street food) NOTE: I’ve included some quick-buy links to some products to make them easy to shop. Some, but not all are affiliate links from which I make a tiny commission, this is at no extra charge to you. Please email me with any packing-related questions too.  The Backpack I chose one based on price to be honest, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds and I don’t think you need to. I bought a Karrimor backpack from Amazon for £53 and it had great reviews. Hopefully it will be in a locker most of the time. I chose a 65l …

Backpacker Fashion: Teva Sandals

I never in a million years thought my Grandad would be lauded as a fashion icon, but in recent years exactly that has happened, from his raw denim straight-leg jeans to the New Balance he has rocked so faithfully over the decades. His Birks’ ‘n’ socks signature is one I’ve adopted of late and I’m pretty sure the man invented ‘normcore’. The latest trend to be pillaged from his sartorial sack of goodies are these Geography field trip-worthy Teva sandals. They’re everything you could want in a travelling shoe; sturdy, orthopaedic, comfy and… well, fugly. Plus they won’t fall off at that Full Moon Party and they look absolutely fantastic with a sock (should your feet start to rub or blister from epic hikes). On a real though, these sandals are this year’s Birkenstocks, and at less than £35, they are waaaay more pocket-friendly. Grab ’em while they’re haute. Get yours here, here and here.