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Hi! I’m Sheree, a writer from the UK. I’m a Capricorn, I love travelling and I’ve never, ever missed breakfast…

You may know me from my  fashion blog Glitz & Grime, but I’ve decided to ditch the old name and the focus on fashion to create a space on the web that is more ‘me’. These days I spend more time travelling and *actually* keeping up to date with politics than shopping. That’s not to say I’ve totally stopped – I’m still a sucker for a good dress. So shereemilli.com will have my writing work, fashion , beauty, travel and lifestyle all under one digital roof. I’ve just got back from travelling to India, Thailand, Bali and Borneo so excuse the deluge of travel-based blogging for the moment please. Right, let’s go!


 Oh, I’ve won awards too!


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  1. Yes Shez! I’m right on your tail and jetting off on the 4th March to Sri Lanka for a month. It’s then Japan for for 2 weeks then I’ll start heading into South East Asia of the Thai variety. Hopefully we’ll be able to link and party. Maybe I could even help you find a Scandinavian man! Watch the space girl. Keep safe. Marto x

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