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Backpacker Fashion: The Headscarf

Main photo credit: Giambatista Valli copyright Vogue Runway

If you take one item backpacking with you… make it your passport. LOL. But do take a fashionable scarf. It can be used as , well, a scarf, to tie around a bag. as a neckerchief, bracelet, bandeau and as a headscarf or hairband. This will protect your hair from the sun and hide cray cray hair from strangers too. Plus it looks super cool when teamed with some big sunglasses and you don’t need a stitch of hair or makeup either!

Check out this tutorial on how to tie a headscarf:



A bold headscarf hides a bad hair day


Eva Mendes looks chic in shades and a scarf

ASOS has a fab range of scarves HERE

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  1. Fantastic. Very useful. I desperately need some headscarves (can’t just have one cos I’m an accessory junkie and will need many colours/patterns!). Currently in Kenya the sun is super intense so a scarf is an essential (that I forgot!) and also the air in Kibera is currently appalling, literally brown with the dust, so a scarf would be perfect to cover mouth and nose when walking around.

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