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Follow Me on Instagram

While I’m on my backpacking trip/ big fat excuse to have fun and not work I’m documenting my adventures every step of the way on Instagram. As much as I’d like to blog everyday, crappy wifi and a lack of time mean I can’t. But I snap 100s of photos each week and a lot make it on to Instagram. So follow me at @shereemilli (same for Twitter and Pinterest) for pics of jungles, beaches and ridiculous outfits! 💖 @shereemilli    

My Fave Travel Apps: Insta Emoji

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE EMOJIS! I even had an Emoji birthday cake (the black side eye moon in case you’re asking) so when I found out you could accessorise your photos with them I was like ‘show me how, now’. This app is easy to use and lets you put LOL faces, hearts and even fake Emoji suns onto your travel snaps – I love it. Insta Emoji FREE Apple App Store   

Want to Get Away? Here’s Your Inspiration

I bloody love a mood board, be it cut outs from magazines in my notebook, a file on the ole’ laptop or a highly curated Pinterest collection – they can sometimes help get me through the week. Since it’s hump day I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite travel-centric images. Maybe you’re planning a RTW trip of your own and want some inspiration, you’re counting down to a holiday or you just a break from looking at the grey UK skies. Anyway enjoy… Check out my Pinterest >>>

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How to Start a Travel Blog in 4 Easy Steps

Everyone and their dog has a blog these day, literally, and I’m no different. While there may be a few naysayers who poke fun at the blogging community, I have made great friends through blogging, made a bit of money and had some amazing experiences – being flown to Denmark and Switzerland, partying with Rihanna, writing for my favourite magazines are just a few. So if you’re going travelling I urge you to start a blog, even if it’s just for you and your friends back home to read, it’s an excellent way to document an exciting time in your life, and it could lead to lots of great opportunities! I do not claim to be the expert at blogging, far from it, but I have been blogging in some form or another since 2010 – both personally and professionally – so I’ve picked up a few tricks (and some awards). If you’re interested, read on, ‘cos I’m sharing them! Get a Head Start If you know you’re going away in a year or 6 …