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JungleFish, Ubud Bali Review

*WARNING* Overzealous use of superlatives, hyperbole and general gushing in this article. Sorry in advance.

Jungle Fish is a bar/restaurant in the middle of the jungle which features a breathtaking infinity pool. Words and pictures can do this place no justice, but let me say this; my friend Amanda had tears of joy/awe in her eyes when we arrived. It’s that magical.

Surprisingly it’s not that well known I don’t think, after speaking with people here in Bali it’s definitely still under the radar. My Tinder habit/addiction came through once again as it was a potential date who told me about this place. Seriously I get so many travel tips from Tinder – even if you’re not single it’s worth using it for that.

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My JungleFish ensemble.

You have to spend 150,000 Rupiah minimum to use the Jungle Fish pool, but that’s only about £8. My friends and I spent an afternoon there enjoying their sublime food, fluffy towels, excellent service and out-of-this-world cocktails. Happy hour is from 4pm to 7pm and gets you 40% off drinks; try the Conchita which is lime juice, ginger, tequila and chilli and my new favourite tipple, and they do a mean Daiquiri too.

The food here comes as small plates, possibly sharing but I’m too bloody greedy for that. The chips (or fries for my american readers) are really quite something, we ordered three plates of them. Excellent also were the Greek meatball, chicken satay and edamame beans.


We decided to just throw caution to the wind and treat ourselves (hashtag #treatyoself) for once so we ate and drank with abandon and we only spent about £18 each! I like had the credit card on ice thinking I’d have blown the budget completely and it’s actually super reasonable.

The building or complex is gorgeous, really modern but made with natural materials like beech wood, stone and organic-toned glazed ceramic tiles. Very Grand Designs. You enter a lovely reception then go down a few flights of stairs past coy carp ponds and sculptures, past a chi chi restaurant until you reach the top of the infinity pool and take in the most breathtaking view of the jungle. There’s nothing there but lush green trees and you – and you’re really high up above the jungle floor. It’s honestly one of, or maybe the nicest place I’ve ever been and I’m sorry my vocabulary doesn’t capture the majesty of Jungle Fish.

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KWEEN of the jungle!

You need a bike to get to Jungle Fish and it’s quite a ‘fun’ drive through rice fields right into the heart of the jungle, so bear that in mind if you want to get really pissed – you’ll have to navigate your way back. Just drive safe, check your lights are working and use in case you get lost.

Jungle Fish Bali, Jalan Raya Sebali, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Bali



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