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Workout of The Month: 1Rebel Upper Body Reshape

1rebel 1 rebel gym

Now that I’ve joined the amazing Classpass (check out my review here) – the workout subscription service or ‘Netflix for fitness’ as I like to call it – I check out an awful lot of new classes around London, so as my raison d’être is to share knowledge, or anything, with as many people as possible I thought I’d review, in-depth, a class each month to help you on your fitness journey.

First up is one of my absolute favourites, 1Rebel’s Upper Body Reshape class…



1Rebel is a boutique chain of gyms, well there are two – both in the city – owned by the son of the founder of Fitness First. The first gym dynasty? It doesn’t have memberships; you simply pay by session or you can buy a block. Or you can get three sessions per month on Classpass like me. Upper body Reshape is a HIIT-type class which mixes treadmill work and weights, all to a pumping soundtrack and low, moody lighting.

The workout

You’re given a number when you check in and that is your station for the session. You either start on the treadmills or the benches, and switch every few minutes. So you might do 8 minutes of running, 8 minutes of tricep dips and bicep curls then 5 minutes of hill runs and 5 minutes of weights. The class is 45 minutes but it goes so fast because there is no downtime at all. You have only a few seconds to switch from the treadmill to the benches and vice versa and then you’re off again. It’s a class where you do have to push yourself a bit, either by running that bit faster, doing more reps or lifting heavier weights, but if you did the bare minimum it would still be an excellent workout.

The instructor

I have only had classes with Danny so far and he’s great, sometimes I just zone out in class because I’m in so much pain or struggling and his motivational pep-talks keep me going. His favourite is “what do we do when it starts to burn? We give a little more!”. Some people might find this macho #NoPainNoGain mentality counterproductive but I honestly need a firm hand or I slack off.

The facilities

This is probably why I like 1Rebel so much, the gym is awesome. There’s a juice and smoothie bar where you can pre-order your post-workout shake. Free towels (which are really soft), a fridge full of chilled, yes chilled, towels to cool you down after your session. Free spacious lockers, beautiful changing rooms with Hollywood mirrors, top-of-the-range hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners and an array of beauty products. Even the lighting is flattering. In the studios all the equipment is brand new and in great nick.


Points to note

  • This isn’t a class for the faint-hearted or the unfit, so I would not recommend you trying this as your first gym class. You need at least a basic base level of fitness – it’s really intense.
  • Watch out for the lockers, they are tricky buggers and I’m yet to figure out the knack.
  • Pack light; you can buy water here. They supply hairspray, hairbands, deodorant, face wipes, moisturiser, towels… you’re basically set.


I love this class as I do it with my friend Soph so it’s our get-together time and it’s much healthier than a drink. I find it challenging but the music is often a mix of UK garage, grime, hip hop and dance so ultimately it makes it a fun workout.



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