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Workout of The Month: 1Rebel Upper Body Reshape

Now that I’ve joined the amazing Classpass (check out my review here) – the workout subscription service or ‘Netflix for fitness’ as I like to call it – I check out an awful lot of new classes around London, so as my raison d’être is to share knowledge, or anything, with as many people as possible I thought I’d review, in-depth, a class each month to help you on your fitness journey. First up is one of my absolute favourites, 1Rebel’s Upper Body Reshape class… Overview 1Rebel is a boutique chain of gyms, well there are two – both in the city – owned by the son of the founder of Fitness First. The first gym dynasty? It doesn’t have memberships; you simply pay by session or you can buy a block. Or you can get three sessions per month on Classpass like me. Upper body Reshape is a HIIT-type class which mixes treadmill work and weights, all to a pumping soundtrack and low, moody lighting. The workout You’re given a number when you check …