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27 Things You Didn’t Know About India

India is fast becoming my favourite country, it really is unlike any other, but with the good comes the bad, and it’s this mix that makes India a conundrum inside a riddle covered in a mystery… wrapped in pancetta. Anyway here are 27 things I learned during my month in India…

  1. The wifi here is a myth. It just doesn’t work. End of story… which is so annoying for a blogger, I have so many stories to tell and pictures to share!
  2. On that note, when you do get wifi (rarely) the only website or app that seems to work is Whatsapp. I have no idea why but I love love love all the web developers at Whatsapp for making contact with my fam possible.
  3. India doesn’t smell. I arrived expecting gutter stench as so many people warned me that I’d be overwhelmed by a disgusting aroma. I was actually surprised that India smells, for the most part, amazing. A heady scent of spices, marigolds and masala chai.


    Some hotels are like palaces!

  4. Masala Chai. HEAVEN! I drank at least a cup a day and it’s the most wonderful drink. Don’t pay more than 10IR.
  5. The food in India is soooooooo soooooooo soooooooo f*cking good. I would come back for that alone. Street food in particular.
  6. Except the sweets, they’re just way too sweet and not good at all. But English chocolate is widely available so it ain’t a ting.
  7. I was with a group of 18 people and not one got the dreaded Delhi Belly. I ate a roti from a street vendor with the filthiest hands without even thinking, because I was so hungry, and I was fine. If anything I gained weight because I was eating so much. I mean a fat samosa is 10IR!

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    Best. Samosa. Ever.

  8. You’ll be eating mainly vegetarian dishes in India which feels great so just accept it – you can find meat in more touristy restaurants but you’ll be paying a premium for it.
  9. The people in India are incredibly friendly and honest – I made friends with waiters (Hi Raju), tuk tuk drivers and market traders who all just wanted to make sure that I had the best time possible while in their hometown.
  10. The beggars are quite intense, gorgeous but filthy children literally throw themselves at your feet. It’s hard but you shouldn’t give them any money, as more often than not they’re part of an organised crime syndicate, and any money or unopened food they get goes straight into the hands of the men that kidnapped them. Give them opened food if you really feel for them.


    The Jaisalmer Lake – I highly recommend it! 

  11. In India, the only way to travel is via tuk tuk and unlike a black London cab you’ll never have to wait for one – they’re everywhere. After your 20th tuk tuk ride you’ll be so used to traveling in them that even the lack of safety belts and sides won’t deter you from flagging down the next one.
  12. You can get a pretty nice hotel in India for very little money but they do have some weird little idiosyncrasies that I find funny like; the toiletries are always used or repackaged; the toilet paper comes in quarter rolls that are sellotaped and wrapped; there will always be 145 light switches in you room and you won’t know what they’re for… despite all these switches your bedside lamp will sadly remain off.
  13. Always always always carry a scarf, handy for the cold nights and for the many temples you’ll be visiting. 
  14. If you need drugs (the legal kind) then head to one of the many, many pharmacies on any Indian street. I caught a plane cold and felt pretty ill so headed to the pharmacy and got some antibiotics, paracetamol and cough drops all for about 70p and no questions asked. You can also get Valium and other strong sleeping tablets if that’s your bag.

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    There are ‘swastikas’ everywhere, but it’s a Hindu symbol representing reincarnation.

  15. Kingfisher in 660ml bottles is the beer of choice in India and it’s great. Also very cheap. Avoid imported beers as they cost double or even triple the price of a domestic brew.
  16. One thing about India that’s really hard to get used to is the litter, in the UK if you get caught littering not only do you get looked upon as worse than pond scum but you also get an £80 fine. Litterbugs are not looked upon kindly in most of the western world but in India it’s the norm. There is trash everywhere! And absolutely no bins to be seen so if you have rubbish then you kinda have to throw it on the floor which just feels wrong.
  17. THERE ARE COWS EVERYWHERE. LOTS OF THEM. IT HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED. Also they’re super tame and cute.image
  18. India is cheap and 1000 rupees (£10) can last days. If you’re feeling frugal you can eat like a king for 50IR, equally the more touristy restaurants might charge 500IR for a meal. Regardless you’ll have so many rupee notes you won’t know what to do with them, but always shop around for a better price, even if you feel rich.
  19. I never thought I’d get bored of palaces but India is opulent AF. Dispel any thoughts of it being a poor country, there’s bling everywhere.
  20. When shopping always haggle because the western price can be 10x the local price and who likes getting ripped off? My mate bought some bangles for 500IR then I bought the same ones for 200IR because I haggled. Just decide what you want to pay and you’ll normally get that price.

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    The Rat Temple, Bikaner

  21. India is a super spiritual country whether you’re visiting a Hinu, Sikh or Muslim place of worship, soak it up and enjoy learning about these fascinating religions.
  22. On that note the free temple food that gets given out 3 times a day at Sikh temples is bloody delicious but be sure to leave a donation or offer to help in the kitchen.
  23. The food isn’t spicy! Despite what people may tell you, it’s pretty mild. 
  24. I think the water is fine… after accidentally drinking it several times and living to tell the tale. Don’t be too scared if you swallow a little when brushing your teeth.
  25. While the water is fine you won’t always have a hot shower which for westerners can be difficult to deal with, especially because India is filthy and dusty and you’ll probably need a hot shower quite desperately some days.
  26. People love it if you speak Hindi, even a simple ‘Namaste’ or ‘Nahin’ instantly warms them to you. Great tool for haggling.
  27. India is anything but predictable, the people are loud, crazy, friendly and did I mention crazy?? The country is loud, colourful, logic defying and most of all beautiful.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


  1. I experienced quite a lot of this in India, though a few in my group did get Delhi Belly and crossing the road is now no longer an issue, it doesn’t scare me at all. Though I found with the smell every single street smelt completely different, you’d get gutter stench down one and then you’d be greeted by sweet smelling jasmine and then suddenly really lovely food smell, it was wonderful!
    Loved the post ❤

    The Quirky Queer

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