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What’s Hot? September Edition 

What’s happening in the month of September, according to me anyway…

The iTunes Festival Turns 10

Newly rebranded as the Apple Music festival, this gigantic music-fest touches down in Camden Town once again this month. And since it’s the 10th anniversary Apple have pulled out all the stops because – stop the press – BRITNEY IS PLAYING! Yes, that’s the one and only legendary Ms. Spears playing in the little old Roundhouse, crazy. There’s also gigs from Michael Buble, Elton John and the amazing Chance The Rapper.

Check out the full line up and apply for free tickets HERE

Dr. Martens Lighten Up


Full disclosure, I am now an employee of Dr. Martens – I’m their new brand copywriter – but I’m nothing if not honest. So believe me when I say that their new DM’s Lite boots are a wardrobe essential. They have all the style of the classic Dr. Martens 1460 boot but they’re only a third of the weight, plus they feel like you’re wearing a sneaker. They’re so comfortable that I placed an order seconds after trying them on. Here’s something I wrote for the campaign; ‘Lightweight shoe – heavyweight style’ which about sums it up.

Shop DM’s Lite HERE

The Rudest Film Ever


If you go to the cinema this month then make sure you’re going to see Sausage Party, the animated movie by Seth Rogan set in a supermarket. At first glance, on paper, the film doesn’t sound that breaking, but it’s just so funny. It’s basically Disney Pixar but for adults and it is extremely X-rated – think a Jewish bagel and a Palestinian wrap at war, a lesbian taco and a Sausage literally trying to get his end away in a hot bun. The final scene will blow your mind…

Sausage Party is out now is Here


I for one was devvoed when Conde Nast’s best digital offering closed down last year, their street style and Tommy Ton show coverage was just the best. Well it’s back as an ecommerce store that promises ‘shopping curated by the editors’. There have been some negative reviews of the new platform but personally I think it’s a really good site that seamlessly mixes content and commerce. Anyway check it out for yourself.

Puff Daddy


Okay so right now we’re in an ungodly heatwave (it’s 30 degrees in London, in September) but this is the time of year when we buy our winter coats. That’s literally the best thing about September, to me anyway. This year I’m lusting after a puffa jacket because after this Indian summer I predict an Antarctic winter. I love this FILA one which gives a nod to 90s hip hop style, ASOS have loads of great styles and this Topshop one is a real gem.


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  1. Katrina says

    Ahhhhhhhh – I’ve applied for britney tix. Fingers crossed i get some. I’d love to go. x


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