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The Best Winter Coats to Buy Now

We’re having a bit of an Indian summer – thank you global warming – but while you may  not feel like buying your winter coat now, you really should. That’s because the way fashion retail works is so archaic and the main winter drops happen in August and September, still. So buy now and be thankful in a few weeks time. Here are my picks of the best coats and jackets on the high street.  DREAMY DENIM The blue stuff never goes out of fashion, swap your summer jacket for a longer style. FUZZY FAUX FUR Faux fur is the most fun way to keep warm – just make sure it looks totally FAKE. ALL PUFFED UP The puffer jacket is the season’s ‘it’ coat, and the high street has loads of styles to choose from. MAKE A STATEMENT A coat can  make or break your outfit, break the mold in one of these crazy designs. shop even more coats HERE

What’s Hot? September Edition 

What’s happening in the month of September, according to me anyway… The iTunes Festival Turns 10 Newly rebranded as the Apple Music festival, this gigantic music-fest touches down in Camden Town once again this month. And since it’s the 10th anniversary Apple have pulled out all the stops because – stop the press – BRITNEY IS PLAYING! Yes, that’s the one and only legendary Ms. Spears playing in the little old Roundhouse, crazy. There’s also gigs from Michael Buble, Elton John and the amazing Chance The Rapper. Check out the full line up and apply for free tickets HERE Dr. Martens Lighten Up Full disclosure, I am now an employee of Dr. Martens – I’m their new brand copywriter – but I’m nothing if not honest. So believe me when I say that their new DM’s Lite boots are a wardrobe essential. They have all the style of the classic Dr. Martens 1460 boot but they’re only a third of the weight, plus they feel like you’re wearing a sneaker. They’re so comfortable that I placed …

What’s Hot? August Edition

What’s hot this month? Hopefully the weather because I want to go hunting for Squirtles… and do other things much more becoming of an adult woman.  POKEMON GO I can honestly say, no game has captivated me like this since Theme Hospital (which I played for three straight days at my family’s Dell when I was 13). Pokemon Go has hit the headlines for doubling Nintendo’s value, being one of the most downloaded apps ever and for causing many an injury. After downloading it (not fully understanding it for a few weeks) and playing it, I can see why. I’m hooked, not in a ‘haha how ironic and post modern of me’ way, in a sincere and genuine ‘I love this fun game, can I play forever?’ way. My friends Hannah, Ben and I went on a hunt on Hampstead Heath and walked SEVENTEEN KILOMETRES. I’ll leave that thought with you… Download Pokemon Go PAPIER STATIONARY I have something of a stationary fetish despite doing the majority of my work on a computer. There’s just something about …

3 Micro Trends for Every Budget

Ph: Tommy Ton 2016 As someone who has always worked in fashion, and has run a style blog for over six years, seasonal wardrobe updates are something I’m very passionate about. However in the last year or so I’ve been really thinking about how I stock my wardrobe from a sustainable and ethical point of view – having hundreds of items of clothing just hanging in my closet doesn’t sit well with me anymore. So these days I stick to my tried and tested classics (little black dresses, jeans and blazers) and quality favourites and just make little tweaks to make my look oh-so-now. It’s also much better for your pocket so you can travel more (see my tips here), eat more (food inspo here) and generally be less skint! So here are three very pocket-friendly purchases for the new season… P.S. I mean the British summer, so sorry, no bikinis here 😉 The Transformative Choker PRICE RANGE: £3 – £6 This trend is everywhere, I think Gigi Hadid started it but celebrities from Kim …

hoodlad white hood log t-shirt

Brand Spotlight: HOODLAB

I’m very impressed with Manchester-based collective Hoodlab‘s range of ghetto-fab tees and sweaters. With a witty spin on well known pop-cultural logos and brands Hoodlab’s collection of t-shirts includes a ‘Lacostco’ number, a take on the famous French label’s croc, a WWF tee featuring The Rock and a rock’n’roll-style slogan and there’s a ghetto fab BMW symbol shirt too. I’d wear these babies with a black leather pencil skirt, or go full street and pick up the matching sweatpants too – your choice. HOOBLAB Shop the collection here *SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER HERE* All images copyright Hoodlab

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What’s Hot? June Edition

Each month I share with you all that I declare to be sizzling, caliente, calor or just plain hot. In an ideal world it would merely consist of a list of the fittest Tinder profiles I’d seen that month but that would be weird and might render me single foreverrr. So enjoy some fashion, beauty, culture and all in-between.  LOLA JAMES HARPER CANDLES As a true candle addict (there is even an incident in my house known as ‘candlegate’ that I can’t go into right now) I make it my business to sniff out the hottest new votives on the block and as of now the honour of most coveted candle goes to Lola James Harper‘s sepia-toned glass jars. Founded by Rami Mekdachi in Paris, as far as I can make out LJH is a lifestyle brand that encompasses photography, music, fragrance and furniture (phew) all imbued with a signature bohemian flavour. Each candle is inspired by a particular happy memory and has a name to commemorate the place it was created such as; The Comics Store …

& Other Stories Just Slayed Summer Dressing

My all-time favourite high street store & Other Stories just killed everything. They win. I went into their Regent Street store the other day and was blown away by their spring/summer collections, they have the prefect pretty dresses for all your BBQ, wedding and festival needs and some seriously ‘fashwan’ accessories. I had (I mean literally had) to buy their sequinned floral dress, it’s the best dress I’ve ever seen in my life. It does come up incredibly small (I hope) and I had to go up by two sizes, either that or I’m in major denial about my physique. Regardless of their slim Scandi sizing, I just adore this shop, the clothing is always great quality and on point – not too trendy, but never dull – and their beauty range is awesome too, but that’s another story for another day. Here’s a tip, buy online and save 10% with the code FRIENDS.   MY TOP STORIES PICKS

My Travel Style

When I first started planning my trip around the world (hopefully) and began researching like mad into how to prepare, plan and most importantly pack, I came across loads of packing lists with practical advice on what clothes to take. Sadly all these list were boring as f*ck. I like to dress in a way that reflects my personality ESPECIALLY ON VAYCAY. It’s meant to be fun and cargo pants and khaki vests just aren’t going to cut it. While I wholeheartedly agree you should take certain items and pack clever, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun. So here are my tips on how to spice up your travel style… Check out my packing guides… DRESS COLOURFULLY You know in London in winter when you’re on the tube wearing a non-black jacket and you look around you and realise you stick out like a sore thumb and then feel totally conspicuous? That’s the worst. But the sun is made for bold yellow, deep red and sky blue. Wearing black also makes your photos …

Backpacker Fashion: The Headscarf

Main photo credit: Giambatista Valli copyright Vogue Runway If you take one item backpacking with you… make it your passport. LOL. But do take a fashionable scarf. It can be used as , well, a scarf, to tie around a bag. as a neckerchief, bracelet, bandeau and as a headscarf or hairband. This will protect your hair from the sun and hide cray cray hair from strangers too. Plus it looks super cool when teamed with some big sunglasses and you don’t need a stitch of hair or makeup either! Check out this tutorial on how to tie a headscarf:   ASOS has a fab range of scarves HERE

Sustainable Fashion – What Does It Mean & How Can You Help?

  Main photo: A clothes factory in Burma Ph. Steve McCurry  The older I get, the more my conscience niggles me about things that would have never crossed my mind in my early twenties. Our generation is the first that grew up with fast fashion; we were, and are,able to get our mitts on designer-influenced duds at rock-bottom prices. And if you’re anything like me, you took advantage of this. I used to definitely subscribe to the quantity over quality mode of buying, treating myself to new clothes on a weekly basis. The bulk of which would be worn once, never to be seen again – sound familiar? Now I’d rather buy less, maybe spend a bit more, but certainly I think about clothing that will have longevity. Now I’m not saying we all become eco-warriors, start boycotting Topshop and only wear hemp BUT I think we could all be more considered when buying and caring for our clothes. No person needs 50 dresses, why not buy fewer that you really, really like? We’ve lost the …