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What’s Hot? August Edition

What’s hot this month? Hopefully the weather because I want to go hunting for Squirtles… and do other things much more becoming of an adult woman. 


I can honestly say, no game has captivated me like this since Theme Hospital (which I played for three straight days at my family’s Dell when I was 13). Pokemon Go has hit the headlines for doubling Nintendo’s value, being one of the most downloaded apps ever and for causing many an injury. After downloading it (not fully understanding it for a few weeks) and playing it, I can see why. I’m hooked, not in a ‘haha how ironic and post modern of me’ way, in a sincere and genuine ‘I love this fun game, can I play forever?’ way. My friends Hannah, Ben and I went on a hunt on Hampstead Heath and walked SEVENTEEN KILOMETRES. I’ll leave that thought with you…

Download Pokemon Go



I have something of a stationary fetish despite doing the majority of my work on a computer. There’s just something about beautiful notebooks and paper, and while we’re at it THE ART OF LETTER WRITING IS DYING! And that’s flipping tragic. Channel chic ladies like (I imagine) DVF, Anna Wintour and… Myleene Klass and send a beautiful handwritten note on personalised cards by Papier whose designs are so good and feature flamingos and pineapples heavily without being kitsch. Or if you probably won’t get around to sending anyone a note, ever, treat yo’self to a monogrammed notebook for all you best ideas (and shopping lists). 

Visit to personalise your own stationary



Founder of ecommerce site NastyGal and author of the modern girl’s guide to work GIRLBOSS (which was a New York Times best seller) Sophia Amourouso turns her hand to the Podcast game with this inspirational listen. Everyone and their dog has a Podcast these days, heck i’m thinking of doing one, but this one stands out from the crowd as Sophia interviews some seriously cool women including the founder of Classpass and CEO of NastyGal. Their career advice feels anything but preachy and really set a fire under my belly. A must-listen for any aspiring entrepreneurs or girl bosses out there. 

Listen to Girlboss Radio 



If you’re anything like me then you’ll have spent many a happy hour shaking your booty and strutting your stuff in front of MTV, or twerking in the mirror like you’re the second coming of Rihanna. Well the clever people at SOS Dance have created, basically, my dream work out. A room full of girls, a professional dancer (all SOS teachers are backing dancers for the likes of Little Mix and other pop sensations) and an hour of good, clean fun. learn how to dance with chairs a la Beyonce, channel your inner pop minx to Ariana Grande or learn a hot routine to the latest Drake tune. With classes all over London and Manchester, grab your girls and hit the dance floor.

Visit to book a class


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