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Seminayk, Bali

Seminyak was my least favourite place in Bali, it was just soulless, dull and boring. Full of resorts with an ugly beach and little to no nightlife. Plus it was full of traffic, quite urban and built up and had no natural beauty.

But I was recommended this place by many people so I went, WTF they were thinking I know not, but I gave it a crack. I’d recommend you skip Seminyak but if you have to see it for yourself don’t spend longer than a coupe of days there.


Capsule Hotel which is actually a hostel is amazing, there’s huge common area and bar, roof terrace and movie room. There are dorms but my friends and I styed in a private room for 5 people which was split level with the comfiest beds ever. It was like staying in a New York loft.

Despite the impressive facilities and nice staff (hi Neil) the hostel didn’t really do it for me. I got the sense it was massively overcompensating for the location which is in the middle of nowhere. The beach was a taxi ride away and there were no clubs, markets, bars or cafes in the area.


Potato Head beach club is lovely but very overpriced, its decor is so chi chi and the infinity pool is lovely but ultimately it lacks atmosphere and it’s hard to get a sunbed.


Favela is apparently the only club here, I did my research and asked at least 10 people (locals and tourists) where the went out and the answer was always Favela or Kuta. Like, just stay in Kuta then!


I don’t know. I honestly do not know. The beach is gross with loads of crabs, no shade and dirty sand and most of it is private and for use only by those staying in a resort. It is easy to get to neighbouring Kuta and Canggu though.


Admittedly I only spent two days in Seminyak but I just didn’t want to waste my time hanging around a hostel when there’s so much to do in Bali. If you’re staying in one of the swish resorts I’m sure that’s nice, but it’s not for backpackers. I’d recommend staying in Canggu or Kuta and biking to Seminyak if you need to go there.


Update: I actually went back to Seminyak on my scooter while I was staying in Kuta and it was a short 15 min drive – I visited Potatohead and Alchemy and I changed my mind slightly about this place. There are lots of more upmarket cafes and boutiques if you want a treat. So I think my initial impression was a little harsh. Hey, I’m always honest and I’ll always give a place a second chance. 


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