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Living in a Bikini When You Don’t Have a ‘Bikini Body’

One of my biggest trepidations about going travelling, especially to Thailand where I am now, was my body.

I’ve spoken previously on the blog about rejecting the media’s portrayal of the perfect female form, and I do stand by that. It’s just hard to wash away 20 years of body neuroses in an instant.

I went travelling right after Xmas. With the Christmas weight of a girl who knew she wouldn’t be home for a long time. I honestly thought I’d lose weight in India due to Delhi belly but sadly/gladly the food was so tremendous I gained weight! Even a bad case of food poisoning didn’t make a dent in my behind.


Koh Phangan water park


Belfie’s in Koh Tao

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Ab-Free Zone

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How could I miss out on THIS?!

And so the time came to shed the layers and get into beach life in Thailand. Honestly the first time I put in a bikini I had a nervy spasm. You know when you look at your body and think ‘who even is that?’.

Inevitably when you’re in a tropical paradise there will be beautiful lithe women who make you feel inferior, but, like what was I gonna do? Never swim? It’s 37 degrees.

So really the fact that I’m sweaty mess helped me get over my bikini-fear. And I noticed that no one is really looking at my body. There are so many half naked people around and when you analyse each body, they’re kinda all the same. All beautiful, and the variations are so minimal when you really think about it. Especially with beachy waves and sunkissed skin.

For the past 3 weeks I have been living in a bikini – often cursing my belly or thighs for not conforming- but more often just enjoying salt water on my skin and the fact I’m in paradise.

So to anyone nervous about getting that beach body. Fuck it, you’re on the beach, that’s your beach body.


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  1. thepetiteexplorer says

    I went from India to Thailand and experienced the exact same thing. It’s amazing how easy it is once you let go! You’re absolutely right when you say nobody cares; they are all far to obsessed with what they look like to notice you.

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  2. I agree with that when you look around- everyone’s bodies are different and unique to themselves. So it doesn’t really matter. It’s weird that media has had such an effect on them because everyone looks great as long as they’re confident.

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  3. Loved the post. I’m glad you found your ‘body confidence’.
    I’ve just spent a week on the Kenyan coast with plenty of opportunities for diving into the stunning Indian Ocean or just chilling in the hotel pools. But I barely did it. I sat on the beach looking at the water with an intense longing. I wanted just to go for it.
    I’m not fat. But I used to be. I used to weigh twice what I do now. I’m proud of my weight loss but not my body. I’ve been left with A LOT of excess skin and it’s hideous. My stomach and inner thighs are so bad that there’s no way I can show them – I’d give nightmares to small children! I can cover my stomach with a 1-piece but have to wear a swim skirt or light mini as well. I can’t just strip off on the beach.
    I’m insanely self-conscious and its definitely getting in the way of me enjoying my travels. One day, when I’m rich (!) I’ll have surgery. Then maybe I can face a bikini.


    • Ah no. But amazing for losing weight. Lord knows it’s the hardest thing to do! Hoping you embrace your body confidence- and I’m sure that no one notices your hangups as much as you do! I have a friend with severe eczema who wears like a cute wetsuit or shorts and a rash guard to swim which actually looks really cool but slightly more covered up.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’d love to know more about Kenya. Send me any posts.
      Sheree xx 😊


  4. Hi Sheree! Loved this post. I felt so self conscious last summer holiday, which was surprising as I’m normally confident, but being in a bikini 24/7 was a little nerve wracking. We should definitely embrace our bodies! And by the way, you look amazing, you have nothing to be worried about 🙂

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    • I think even Candace Swanpoel gets self conscious. There’s a multi million pound industry that feeds off women hating their bodies. So it’s not shocking that we feel so minging on the beach! Glad you embraced it anyway and having fun is so hot right?! Thanks so much for reading I’m going to check out your blog now. Xx


      • I love Candice lol but yes I know every woman has something she is hung up about, especially when you’re in a tiny bikini with most of your body exposed! I think confidence is the sexiest thing you can have so we are on our way there 🙂 thanks heaps and have a great day/night wherever you are xx

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