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Just Sauced Lula Bikini Review 

After the first time I went to Bali, for a month, I realised that 90% of my time there was spent in a bikini. And as I only had a couple with me, it was basically the same bikini. So in all my photos I’m wearing the same one. Epic fail. So this time around I wasn’t going to be caught out. I wanted some sassy swimwear that no one else would have (always a risk if you head straight to Topshop). Enter Just Sauced, and independent swimwear label that I found on the ‘gram. Based in London, they make extra sexy bikinis and one pieces that draw inspiration from the 80s, Brazil and all things tropical. I chose the Lula, and OTT string triangle bikini with baby-pink ruffles, leopard print and really flattering cut. It’s very small, so not for the faint-hearted. But I often think, if you’re gonna show some skin, then commit to it. Anyway, check out their amazing range of ‘kinis for your next beach holiday. Just Sauced

How to Choose a Bikini if You Have Dark Skin

This may seem like a frivolous subject but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bikini article dedicated to us brown ladies. If you’re buxom, slim, curvy, apple, pear, ginger… yes. But not black, brown or whatever. My experience is that a black bikini doesn’t suit my skin tome at all – it just doesn’t pop. The brighter, the better – if you have dark skin then rejoice, because we can pull off a bright yellow, orange or pink bikini easily. Bold patterns and prints also look amazing – basically, if you have dark skin you can wear most things – especially notoriously difficult shades like white. If your skin is pale that’ll wash you out in no time but on a bronzed bod, it works. Colours to stray away from are pastels – they’re just not flattering. Or anything too dark. WHERE I BOUGHT MY BIKINIS Leopard print – Missguided Blue – ASOS Pink frill – Just Sauced Pink bandeau – Depop Orange – New Look    

Living in a Bikini When You Don’t Have a ‘Bikini Body’

One of my biggest trepidations about going travelling, especially to Thailand where I am now, was my body. I’ve spoken previously on the blog about rejecting the media’s portrayal of the perfect female form, and I do stand by that. It’s just hard to wash away 20 years of body neuroses in an instant. I went travelling right after Xmas. With the Christmas weight of a girl who knew she wouldn’t be home for a long time. I honestly thought I’d lose weight in India due to Delhi belly but sadly/gladly the food was so tremendous I gained weight! Even a bad case of food poisoning didn’t make a dent in my behind. And so the time came to shed the layers and get into beach life in Thailand. Honestly the first time I put in a bikini I had a nervy spasm. You know when you look at your body and think ‘who even is that?’. Inevitably when you’re in a tropical paradise there will be beautiful lithe women who make you feel inferior, …