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Backpacker Fashion: Teva Sandals

I never in a million years thought my Grandad would be lauded as a fashion icon, but in recent years exactly that has happened, from his raw denim straight-leg jeans to the New Balance he has rocked so faithfully over the decades. His Birks’ ‘n’ socks signature is one I’ve adopted of late and I’m pretty sure the man invented ‘normcore’.

The latest trend to be pillaged from his sartorial sack of goodies are these Geography field trip-worthy Teva sandals. They’re everything you could want in a travelling shoe; sturdy, orthopaedic, comfy and… well, fugly. Plus they won’t fall off at that Full Moon Party and they look absolutely fantastic with a sock (should your feet start to rub or blister from epic hikes). On a real though, these sandals are this year’s Birkenstocks, and at less than £35, they are waaaay more pocket-friendly. Grab ’em while they’re haute.

Get yours here, here and here.

tevas sandals are now cool

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