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Beauty From The Inside Out with Pukka Herbs

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a tea addict, I LIVE for tea. I mean, I’m from Yorkshire so that stuff practically flows through my veins, but I also love a herbal tea. In fact, some of my favourite travel destinations Istanbul and Marrakesh are based on the quality of their tea. I’ve been drinking Pukka tea for years as they do great infusions that don’t break the bank, so when they asked me if I’d like to try some of their new herbal supplements I was intrigued.

I definitely believe in the benefits of taking a health supplement, though there’s lots of conflicting medical advice. All I know is it can’t do any harm.

I tried the Tumeric Lifekind supplement a few weeks ago when I was feeling quite stressed and run-down. I’d normally get ill being so overworked and run-down but I think the supplement helped ward off illness.

The Glow supplement is also good – my skin was looking a little bit lacklustre – and now it looks very glowing. That might be the sun we’ve been having but I’m sure the supplements helped from the inside out.

Check out Pukka’s range of teas and supplements here.

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