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New Flat Tour

I‘ve recently moved into a new flat and this was the first unfurnished flat I’ve ever moved into. It has its pros and cons, on the one hand it’s great because I don’t have to live with gross hand-me-down furniture, on the other hand it’s very expensive and time-consuming to buy all new stuff.

I’m coming at it from a two-tiered approach. Some things I’ve bought really cheap – like a £20 chest of drawers from IKEA that I’ll probably throw away at some point, and other things I’m investing more in (I’ve just ordered an armchair from, my first proper piece of grown up furniture).

I’m definitely more of an accessories girl – a great cushion or vase can make a room. So I’ve started moving in pictures and trinkets from my travels to make the flat homelier. It’s still pretty bare – but I’ve only been in the flat for two and a half months (3 weeks of which I was in Bali and 1 week I was in The US).

Anyway, here is what it looks like so far. I’ll keep updating as it evolves – and when my chair arrives.

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