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Christmas Wrapped Up: A Gift Guide For The Girls

Take the guesswork out of christmas shopping and get the girl in your life something she’ll love. Or… let your inner greedy guts come out and just shop for yourself. ‘Tis the season for giving, doesn’t matter who to!

The Fashionista

The fashionista loves a label or anything bold, bright and contemporary. A pair of shoes never goes amiss, ditto a new niche perfume by Le Labo or Byredo. For a smaller budget a cute new phone case or some chi chi notebooks so she can bring some style to the office.

The Fitness Fanatic

I guess you could call me a health nut – though as I write I’m powering through a bag of Percy Pigs so maybe not. I do love to workout, try new classes and whip up a smoothie or two. For the fitty in your life they’ll love a new sports bra (you can never have enough), trainers, healthy cookbook or a ClassPass subscription or gift card so they can try next year’s latest fitness trends.

The Classy Beeyatch

Classic ladies will adore timeless gifts like the ubiquitous Diptyque candle – I read somewhere that a candle is the laziest gift you can give – well excuuuuuuse me. I ask for one every Christmas because it’s a treat you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. Other than that a Bloom and Wild one off gift or subscription for beautiful flowers is a fab pressie or a beautiful 2017 diary (Paperchase is always a safe bet).

If you’re still stumped for gifts then I find a bottle of wine, nicely wrapped always does down well, gift cards take the guesswork out and hampers are also a wonderful gift that you can give to a couple or family rather than individual gifts.

*This is a collaborative post*

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