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How To Make Your Rented Space Look Super Stylish

Unless you’re a banker or lucky enough to have someone bestow a large deposit upon you, I’m guessing you don’t own your home yet. It’s a constant annoyance that the property ladder is so far above my head I’d need a another ladder just to reach that one, but on the bright side, when the boiler breaks it ain’t my problem.

So we’re generation rent, which means we piss a huge portion of our wages away on our shared accommodation each month and we can’t paint or renovate… BUT… there are some easy ways to make your space your own that aren’t permanent. Then when you move you can pack them all up and start again. I’m a firm believer in interior therapy and I truly think if you have a home environment that is representative of you, you’ll feel happier. Here are my top tips for making your rented home your own.

Printed Cushions

This is a foolproof way to add colour and interest to your home. A sofa or bed without cushions just looks naked. I treated myself to some statement House of Hackney cushions recently (in the sample sale, obvs) but H&M Home does the best cushions for rock-bottom prices. Be bold with colour and print and you can always move them to different rooms for different combinations.


Coffee Table Books

Boos are a great way to show your personality so don’t hide them away – especially the nice coffee table books you get for christmas. Play around with placement and display them with other home accessories for a chic look.

Posh Candles and Easy-to-Care-For Plants

I’m a firm believer in a great candle to make you feel like a proper grown up – so what if they’re £40. It’s a status symbol. Just make sure your housemate knows NEVER TO BURN IT. Succulents and cacti are very on trend and not so easy to kill as other plants. Supermarkets do some great plants and they’re purse-friendly too.


Display Your Best Beauty Bits

Some beauty products like Aesop and Byredo are just too pretty for the bathroom cabinet – show them off! It’s very Pinterest-y to have your cosmetics dotted around the house. They’re useful too.




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