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How to Get Your Favourite US Brands Delivered to The UK

My Mallbox is a nifty new service which allows you to get your favourite American products and brands in the UK. The premise is super-simple, they give you a US address where you can get whatever you want delivered to and then when you’re ready you ask them to send it on. You can consolidate multiple deliveries into one package which is great, so you could pair up with a friend and then split the delivery cost.

I decided that I simply couldn’t wait any longer to try Glossier (an American beauty brand I Instagram stalk) so I made a sizable order with them and got the package delivered to My Mallbox.

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My Mallbox email you when your package arrives and then you have a choice of delivery options. I chose the fastest option which was fully tracked and cost $38. My stuff was with me in 3 days, which is crazy fast. Plus, there were no customs fees to pay.

I would definitely recommend this service, but only for big orders so it’s worthwhile. I signed up to Glossier’s newsletter which gave me a discount code, so the postage didn’t feel too costly.


DISCLOSURE: I was gifted $30 credit to try My Mallbox

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