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Workout of The Month: Box & Bell at BLOK London

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Now that I’ve joined the amazing Classpass (check out my review here) – the workout subscription service or ‘Netflix for fitness’ as I like to call it – I check out an awful lot of new classes around London, so as my raison d’être is to share knowledge, or anything, with as many people as possible I thought I’d review, in-depth, a class each month to help you on your fitness journey.

This month it’s Box & Bell at BLOK London, where you can perfect your left hook…



BLOK is based in Clapton, so it’s pretty out of the way unless you live in Clapton, but don’t let that put you off it’s a great little gym with a community feel. The Box & Bell class does what it says on the tin, it’s a mix of boxing and kettlebell work.

The workout

The classes are kept small, around eight people, which means there’s a chilled atmosphere – I felt like I was doing a class in a village hall – which I mean as a compliment. It was the perfect punctuation to the high-octane, “PUSH IT YOU FAT BLOB” classes I usually do. You start off with a quick warm up, then move on to kettle bell work which is a slow and steady burn. The boxing is my favourite part, you get your own bag to go HAM on. The instructor teaches you a few combos and off you go. Boxing is really tough and the more you put in, the more you put out, I definitely want to improve my technique, and then hopefully represent the UK in the 2020 Olympics. LOL.

The instructor

Miguel is a laid-back chap and makes you feel at ease, kind of like an older brother showing you how to throw punches in a garage. Because of the small classes he was able to give individual attention to everyone which I liked.

The facilities

Compared to some of the gyms I go to this is pretty basic but there’s a lovely big table in the reception area, cafe and lots of nice decorative touches – the look of the gym falls in-between industrial and natural. The changing facilities are pretty basic but all the equipment is good and the poured concrete everywhere gives a very cool feel.


Points to note

  • Bring your own towel and water.
  • Wraps and boxing gloves are provided.
  • It’s hard to find, you have to walk through a kind of industrial yard, so maybe leave a little earlier so you have time to find it.


A fun, technical class – you won’t work up much of a sweat but it’s great for toning.

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