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ClassPass London Review

classpass london blog review

In case you don’t already know, ClassPlass is a subscription fitness service – you pay one monthly fee and get to go to classes at hundreds of gyms and studios in London. It’s like Netflix for your health.

I was interested as I often book a hot yoga class or Frame class which can cost £15-£20 per class, so it adds up quickly. There are two plans with ClassPass:

£55 Where you can visit 5 classes in a month

£110 Where you can visit unlimited classes in a month


You can save a lot of money as the gyms you can use are super luxe and include Boomcycle, Triyoga, Frame and 1 Rebel amongst others – these classes are without a doubt much better than the ones included in your gym. I personally love 1 Rebel, it’s the most beautiful gym and a killer workout, but their classes usually cost £20! It’s nice to change up your routine, and you can use gyms at multiple locations. The booking system is super simple and the app is great. Doing different types of workouts is also proven to be better for weight loss, switching up your routine constantly ensures your body doesn’t get used to your workout.

teyana taylor kanye west

get a body like Teyana Taylor… maybe


It is expensive, the prices actually increased by around 25% earlier this year – but as I get older I’d rather sacrifice a new dress or night out for my health. Having said that, you can get gym memberships for as little as £20 these days. You do have to plan in advance, so just nipping into a gym on the fly won’t work. You can only visit the same gym three times in one monthly cycle.


It’s definitely a great concept, I don’t know whether I’ll do it forever, but I do love trying new classes and the cost and fact you have to book makes me more likely to turn up (I like to get my moneys worth). The level of studios is really great too.

Why not use my code to get £20 off the £55 five class membership? That means it’s £35 for 5 classes – so you make your money back by going to just two classes. You can use it on the unlimited membership too.



This post is not sponsored, I just like the product. 🙂 



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