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Backpacker Beauty: The Ultimate Edit

We must first discard any wild notions of looking like Kim Kardashian on the beach. This is impractical and will not happen. You will look more like Helena Bonham Carter in Harry Potter (or indeed Helena Bonham Carter in anything). And that’s okay, come to terms with that. While accepting a more low-key look is important, obviously there are a few beauty tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of your natural beauty while travelling…


You only need a small, teeny makeup kit I have detailed every single product right HERE. As for the rest take multitasking products and lots of sunscreen. Other amazing products are:

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My travel makeup kit – less than 15 items!


Again, makeup in 40 degree heat is as much use as an ashtray on a speedboat. That shiz is gonna slide off your face like oil so focus of healthy glowing skin. You get good skin by eating well, drinking lots and lots of water and protecting your skin (especially your face) with a high SPF. If you need a little help a highlighter or shimmer cream can give you a J.Lo glow. I like Topshop Chameleon (HERE).

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  • You can never have a high enough SPF, lab tests for sunscreen use up to 3x what the average consumer would put on, so that factor 15 is actually a Factor 5. Sunscreen doesn’t stop you tanning at all, it stops your skin cells getting damaged so go for a Factor 35 or above. Read skin safety 101.
  • Too much makeup looks plain weird on holiday/on the beach/while travelling so don’t be tempted to slap it all on. Natural beauty is much cooler.
  • No one actually cares what you look like, just make the best of yourself. As long as you’re clean and don’t look knackered it’s all good. Read eating healthy on the road.
  • Smelling yummy is always good idea. Take something that you like – a small perfume, a scented lotion or your fave conditioner. Or try a solid perfume. 



It’s all about sorting things out before you head off into the sun. If your bingo wings are bugging you, start pumping some weights a few weeks before you leave – ditto any other body part that is bugging you. Get a haircut or trim. Get your nails did. Get a wax. I got my eyebrows tattooed on… best decision ever, it means I can swim and sweat to my heart’s content without losing a drawn on eyebrow. Make sure you feel on fleek (as the kids say, or do they? Has it changed now?!) before you go.


Whenever you’re on any beach or indeed any in room, street or country there will be some hotties that make you feel like Lena Dunham in this #squad lineup.


When your squad are all supermodels…

But you know what, Lena Dunham is the girl I’d most like to chill with. She’s the funniest and most intelligent and that’s an accomplishment. Gigi, Lily and Selena, while lovely, just got born hot. Lucky beeyatchs, they didn’t have to do anything. I think that what makes someone beautiful is their past, their passions, their sense of humour and all the stuff that you can’t see. Looks don’t reflect what’s inside – some people just get born beautiful, it’s a genetic lottery…  but everyone, regardless of what’s on the outside can create their own unique beauty. This TED Talks on looks is well worth watching. 

So in summary, SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN, be happy and healthy and don’t sweat your appearance too much. XX

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