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Almost Time to Go? Get Your Affairs in Order

So you’ve booked your flights, paid them off, saved some cash and waited what seems like a lifetime. Suddenly the time is almost upon you and you’ve got a couple of weeks to get your shit in order.

This can be pretty overwhelming, realising you actually have quite a few things to sort out before your trip, so here is a list of things you need to do so you can chill once you’re at your destination.


This might sound obvy but pack EVERYTHING in good time, you can always unpack if there are things you’ll need to use but pack up everything you plan to take in your backpack or suitcase to see if it fits. Also to see if you can carry it. If you can’t then at least you have time to edit. Also launder any clothes that need to laundered and purchase anything on your list that you don’t have yet.

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Give yourself an epic grooming session before you leave so you can chill out for the first few weeks at least. This means getting a haircut or trim, waxing or shaving, getting your nails done – or whatever it is you need to feel groomed. Don’t leave booking appointments ’til the last minute or you may be left disappointed.

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Cancel your Graze subscription, your gym membership, your Netflix, anything you’re not going to be using that may take money out of your bank account. With things like mobile phone contracts this can (sadly) be a loooong process, with you on hold for ages. Some things are as simple as going online and ticking a box. Make sure you cancel, cancel, cancel so you don’t waste any money.



Firstly check all your chargers work, replace if necessary. Work out your storage needs, do you have spare SD cards for your camera, external storage for photos. Are you taking a laptop or a tablet? Do you need to de-frag or delete old files from it? Have you got a travel adapter (no matter how many times I go away I always seem to forget this)? Have you sorted out your email inbox, unsubscribe from newsletters and spam, send things straight to junk – if you’re like me and you get 100s of emails a day, it might be worth setting up a new one just for travelling so your friends and family can email you without getting lost in an overflowing inbox.

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Aside from vaccinations, which you should already have had, start eating well now. The last thing you want is to come down with a cold before you leave or to feel sluggish and unfit. Start taking a multivitamin. If you need any medication while you’re away, sort that out ASAP. As for injections there IS still time, you might just have to have a lot of needles in one day but it’s not worth risking your health and travelling unprotected. Also get a mini first aid kit together too (just ibuprofen, plasters and antiseptic cream – maybe some stomach sachets) to use while you’re away.

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It can be overwhelming when your departure dat draws closer but just remember as long as you have your passport and some money all is fine. Also LISTS, lists are good, lists help. Start ticking yours off now. 



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