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Skin Safety 101

If you’re travelling, chances are at some point or another (or most of the time in my case) you’ll be subject to some pretty epic heat. Sunshine and travel go hand in hand and while a dose of the yellow stuff is great, too much can be dangerous.

So in the interests of health, happiness and comfort, here are some tips to keep you safe in the sun.

Wear Sunscreen

Baz Luhrman was right about this, wear sunscreen, every day. I am mixed race and have pretty dark skin that tans at the mere thought of sunlight but even I wear the highest factor I can at all times. It’s a common misconception that SPF stops you tanning, it doesn’t, it just increases the time you can spend in the sun. Use a good quality SPF on your face of factor 30 or higher. This will stop you burning and most importantly prevent your peachy skin wrinkling up like an old prune.

A Few Sunscreen Tips…

I’ve already told you to wear sunscreen but here’s how to do it right. Apply liberally! When SPFs are tested, dermatologists (?) use far greater amounts than an average person would put on. Typically three times more. This means when a normal person applies Factor 15, they’re only getting Factor 5 protection. Don’t forget ears, hands and feet; ears because they burn easily and hands and feet because they show your age and wrinkle easily. Also protect your scalp and hairline and reapply if you’ve been swimming.

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Cover Up

… a bit. When it’s hot hot hot, you’re going to want to beat the heat in your skimpiest outfits. Do this, you’ll look great, but also travel with something light like a Kaftan, long-sleeved maxi dress or Kimono and cover your skin when the sun is at it’s hottest. This will give your delicate skin a much-needed break and you’ll feel much better than if you were overexposed to the sun’s rays.

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Hydration is Key

Drink as much flipping water as you can, in the heat you sweat and loose water way faster than you would normally. Sometimes the heat can make you feel a bit woozy and you forget to drink. Don’t forget! Make a habit of having a drink of water every hour – this will keep skin hydrated, as well as make sure your body has all the water it needs to function – dehydration from heat can cause lethargy, headaches and cracked, dry skin. Not nice.

Read my tips on drinking water safely abroad here.


Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

A fashionista’s favourite three words. There are numerous accessories you can use to avoid too much sun. A big hat will protect your face from harsh rays, some stylish sunglasses will ensure your peepers don’t suffer any sun damage and a nice sarong can be used as a headscarf, to protect shoulders or as a blanket while you snooze in the sun.

Check out some great sunglasses here.


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