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How to Stay Hydrated in Hot Climates 

Twice in my life I have thrown strops in airports because I was too thirsty. I may have done so many more times in a non-airport setting. I’m a chill person, but I have a massive fear of dehydration. If you’re dehydrated you feel sluggish, tired, weak, head achey and you look like sh*t too. Thirst is the last warning sign of dehydration, so if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. water filtration.

At home it’s easy to have a routine and stay well-watered but if you’re o the road, how do you do it? A big concern is water-safety in foreign countries, mostly you’ll have to buy bottled water which can become very expensive, even if water is cheap. A 50p bottle of water, if you’re drinking 4 a day for a month, quickly amounts to £60 – not good for budget conscious travellers.

Buy a Steripen

You can buy sterilising tablets but I’m wary of any chemicals you ingest. A Steripen works like this: “UV light purifies water without harmful chemicals and without changing the taste, odour or colour of the water.” Most importantly they are proven to destroy harmful bacteria that can cause illness. You can pick one up for around £40-£60 which is a lot but if you’re travelling for an extended period of time it could save you a lot of money.

Always carry a bottle of water with you

If you’re travelling in hot countries don’t even think about heading out without some water, if you don’t know the area you might not be able to easily purchase one. There’s noting worse than being tired and thirsty so take some aqua with you everywhere.

Save empty bottles

Save money and the environment by reusing your water bottles. You can buy larger water bottles with friends and decant into the smaller ones. Plus you can refill any time you pass a (safe) tap.

Eat cleverly

There are hydrating foods like juicy fruits and vegetables and there are dehydrating foods like salty junk food and high carb snacks. Eat fresh salads and smoothies to up your water intake easily.

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Avoid fizzy drinks

Sodas and soft drinks are so full of chemicals and caffeine that they’re really not good for you and can actually dehydrate you. Not to mention they’ll cause your blood sugar to spike which can bring on headaches and nausea. Stick to water, juices and herbal teas. Oh and take it easy on the coffee and alcohol too.

On that note I’m going to pour myself a drink – but remember these easy tips so you’re never left gasping for a drink on your travels again. 

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