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Tips For Eating Healthily While Travelling

Eating healthily is hard enough most of the time, but what if you don’t have a fridge, an oven or *gasp* a Nutribullet to whip up something nutritious? As a backpacker, you’ll probably be eating on-the-go and be at the mercy of whatever the local cuisine is. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to stay true to the #eatclean movement while on the move.

Forget Western Food

Why anyone would want a Burger King in Thailand is beyond me, fast food chains are now sadly a completely global thing. That means whether you’re in Cambodia, Argentina or Cape Town you’ll be able to grab a McDonalds easily. Chance are that the local version of ‘fast food’ will not only be cheaper but way healthier. If you’re a fussy eater just GET OVER IT, try something new and you won’t regret it. An authentic dish like a Pad Thai in Thailand will taste immeasurably better that any western fast food. Besides, you can grab a pizza back home.

The best fast food from around the world

Eat Three Meals a Day

Without a routine like going to work each day (insincere sad face that you’re on on holiday) it can be easy to slip into a weird eating schedule. Snacking whenever you feel like it and not paying attention to what you’re eating. By ensuring you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day you’ll ensure you’re eating well and it will stop you snacking on crap. Vegetable-based dishes are great for vitamins and minerals and lean proteins keep you full, oh and try and switch up your meals so you get a variety of nutrients.

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Alcohol is Not a Food Group

As delicious at some of it is, drinking lots of alcohol isn’t good. Especially when your hungover lie in is in a hostel! Drinking lots of booze gets your blood sugar all out of whack making you crave carb-filled sugary foods as well as dehydrating you. Plus when you’re drunk/hungover you make bad food choices (let’s not even go into the romantic choices we make when half-cut). Save money and eat smart by drinking less – a cold beer in the evening is great, a bucket of ‘vodka’ and blue pop is not so good.

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