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48 Hours in Copenhagen

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ow, I may not look it but I am a proud Danish woman… well, my mother is anyway. Due to the fact that my Danish family live in the UK, I never visited as a child – which is sad because I always felt quite an affinity to Denmark, and we observed a lot of Scandi customs at home. So my first time visiting Denmark was as an adult, alone, to the city my Mum was born in: Copenhagen!

I was not disappointed, Copenhagen is such a beautiful city, the air is clean and it just has a nice vibe. Think of London and now think of the polar opposite, it’s a very chilled out, clean, peaceful place and everything, and everyone is beautiful, haha.

Here are my Copenhagen recommendations if you too have a couple of days to spend in Denmark’s cool capital… denmark8

Be Sure to People-Watch

Everyone here is beautiful, from bar tenders to business men. They’re all very, very attractive. And tall. And blonde. And impeccably dressed. Why not try your luck with a hot Dane? If you’re worried about the language barrier, don’t be, most Dane’s probably speak better English than you do.

Pernille-Teisbaek_copenhagen city guide

Danish street style star Pernille Tiesbaek

Have a Drink at Lidkoeb

There are many, many hip bars and drinking holes in Copenhagen but I liked Lidkoeb due to the warm yet minimalist décor, young and beautiful clientèle, furry blankets and excellent craft beers. The Whiskeys were good too if that’s your bag – in fact on a weekend from 8pm the whole bar is dedicated to them. You’ll be in Whiskey heaven. If you want to give the hard liqueur a miss Lidkoeb have a tasty lunch menu too.

Lidkoeb,  Vesterbrogade 72B, 1620 Copenhagen 5 Lidkoeb Restaurant Copenhagen

Get on Your Bike!

The Danes like many Europeans love to ride their bicycles, but they do so with way more panache than any country I’ve set foot it. Cyclist’s rule the roads and bike lanes take up far more space than roads for motor vehicles – the beauty of this is that the air is clean and there’s little traffic noise. It’s the easiest way to get around the city so definitely look into hiring yourself a set of wheels for the day – I can’t guarantee you’ll look as cool as a native Dane whilst you ride, but you will have lots of fun!

The Danes love to cycle - and they make it look good!

The Danes love to cycle – and they make it look good!

Stay at The 71 Nyhavn Hotel

Best. Breakfast. Ever. 71 Nyhavn, alongside a, quite frankly, sensational breakfast (Silt, Danish pastries, many cheeses, fresh fruits…) is also on Copenhagen’s coolest street and the water taxi port(?) is right outside the hotel. If you have a room in the back you’ll also have a stunning view of the sea. The rooms are traditional/modern with brilliant showers, and there are loads of comfy sofas to plonk yourself on. The location cannot be beat – you’re a 2 minute walk from 100s of bars and restaurants. If you do fancy a cycle you can very cheaply rent a bike at the front desk.

71 Nyhavn Hotel, Nyhavn 71, 1051 København K, Denmark


The stunning Nyhavn district

The stunning Nyhavn district

Have you been to Copenhagen? What did you think of it? Useful Danish Phrases: Hello: Hi Hi Bye: Farvel Please: Venligst Thank you:  Tak

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