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Diamond Whites Black Charcoal Toothpaste Review 

I’m a stickler for brushing my teeth and keeping them in good nick. I have a pretty goofy grin so they’re basically always on show – so they need to be white. Unfortunately I have bills to pay so professional whitening always seems too much on an investment.

That’s why I was happy to try out the new Diamond White Black Edition toothpaste (£9.99)* – a toothpaste containing activated charcoal that’s, yes, black in colour. Charcoal has been a beauty buzzword for a while now, and it has great detoxifying and purifying qualities – which helps to remove stains from teeth.

I’ve been using this for two weeks and have definitely noticed an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. It’s great for removing tea stains (I drink a lot) and as an everyday toothpaste. Have your trued black toothpaste?

Diamond White Black Edition toothpaste (£9.99)*


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