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Climbing Mount Batur in Ubud, Bali

Climbing Mt. Batur in Ubud was such a great experience; at the time I couldn’t be bothered (you have to set off around 2am) but once I got to the top it was so worth it. Myself, my housemate Sinead, my friend and fellow blogger Lulu and her boyfriend Will all climbed together. We paid around £20 each after a little bit of haggling, but I met someone who paid less (and many who paid more).

Mount Batur is a proper tourist trap, there are people bussed in in their hundreds. So you’ll be part of a big group ascending in the dark. We were assigned a guide, there’s one guide for about six people, and given torches. My torch didn’t actually work, and they didn’t replace it, so I was climbing in the dark… fun!

The climb up isn’t hard but it’s difficult because it’s pitch black and also the volcanic rock is quite loose – I definitely slipped a few times. Having a little group of us meant we kept morale up and we all got the giggles halfway up – I think it was the altitude.

Once we reached the summit around sunrise, it was all worth it. The climb took around 3 hours and by the end I was pretty exhausted. But the view is so amazing – you’re way, way above the clouds and the sunrise is spectacular.

After gazing at the sun… and resting… we went to see the geysers and craters and came across the world’s friendliest monkeys, they were literally crawling all over us. So cute.

The descent was definitely easier, but by this point it was pretty hot and we were just knackered. I slept in the bus the entire way home.

Wear proper footwear for heaven’s sake. I saw people wearing flip flops – terrible idea.
Take snacks – I got so hungry about, oh, 20 minutes in. The food they provide is so paltry and basic.
Take water. Obvs.
Take bananas for the monkeys if you want to play with them (and watch your hats/sunglasses, they’ll steal them).



The view


Above the clouds


Gross photo of me feeding a monkey


so high…


This is a *great* photo of a monkey


This is another pic of a monkey




  1. OMG… i have been living here for 7 years and have never done this. You have inspired me to make the climb. Thanks


  2. I have a love hate relationship with hiking haha I recently travelled to South Africa and climbed Table Mountain – it was painfully long but the views at the top were incredible!
    By your photos, and I can imagine you had a similar experience!

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