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12 Amazing Gym Classes to Try in London

I have a love/hate relationship with fitness… I basically hate working out, but I love the afterglow when all the endorphins are rushing around your body and you feel invincible. However, it is a struggle for me to get to a class, I fight against it all the time. So knowing that a class is going to be fun and the showers are better than my own at home helps motivate me. Here are 12 of the best in London.


Rumble, 1Rebel

45 minutes of punching the crap out of a punch bag, in the dark to a soundtrack of grime and hip hop. Lots of horrible burpees but very luxurious showers and changing rooms.

1 Rebel, Broadgate London


EMS, Excerceo training

The class where you get electrocuted while you work out. It doesn’t actually feel that bad, plus, you only have to work out for 25 minutes. Bonus.

Exerceo Training

TRX Yoga, Ethos

A mix of yoga and TRX that really works on strengthening your core, it’s pretty hard but yields great results. The juice bar here is phenomenal.

Ethos, Spitalfields

BLOK Core, Blok

This class will give you instant abs. I’m not kidding. You’ll be in agony for a few days but your stomach will rival Britney’s.

BLOK, Clapton

Velocity, Core Collective

A good all-over workout where you’ll push things, use ropes and do a lot of crawling. Millie Macintosh uses this gym.

Core Collective, Chelsea

Pound, The Refinery

Working out using weighted drumsticks. This will unleash your inner rock chick and tone those arms.

The Refinery, Homerton

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Classic, Fierce Grace

A great hot yoga class that will have you feeling rejuvenated and is a good way to combat muscle soreness or tightness.

Fierce Grace, Various Locations


Try if you think you’re hard enough.

BLOK, Clapton

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Upper Body Reshape, 1 Rebel

A mix of treadmill sprints and lots of weighted work that will sculpt and shape those arms in record time. Not for the faint-hearted.



Disco Barre, The Refinery

A seriously cool soundtrack of 70s and 80s disco and lots of ballet-inspired moves to lift that bum and shape your thighs.

The Refinery, Homerton

Seen on Screen Fitness

Dance workshops where you can learn routines to songs by Drake, Rihanna and Beyonce – you’ll work up a sweat but have so much fun you won’t notice.

SOS, Various Locations

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Elements Yoga, Ethos

Quite possibly London’s classiest hot yoga studio – complete with water features and complementary ice-cold tea tree-infused towels to help you cool down post work out.

Ethos, Spitalfields




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