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Workout of The Month: AAA at The Refinery

the refinery e9 gym

Now that I’ve joined the amazing Classpass (check out my review here) – the workout subscription service or ‘Netflix for fitness’ as I like to call it – I check out an awful lot of new classes around London, so as my raison d’être is to share knowledge, or anything, with as many people as possible I thought I’d review, in-depth, a class each month to help you on your fitness journey.

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This month it’s AAA (Arms, Abs and Ass) at The Refinery…



The Refinery is a fairly new gym in East London and it’s definitely a boutique, hip workout space. They offer many classes including yoga and even meditation workshops. I wanted to target my problem areas, also known as my entire body, and AAA seemed to cover most of that. You can try your first class for £5 or do three using Classpass.

The workout

AAA is a hard as balls workout that uses cardio, HIIT, kettlebells, weights and mats. The warmup will shock you – I was sweating profusely withi9n around 30 seconds – a high intensity mix of star jumps, burpees and other ungodly moves. Then prepare yourself for a lot of squats, a whole load off squats. There’s some pretty hard kettlebell exercises too and then a section of the class where you workout with a partner. When the medicine ball comes out you’re in trouble. The instructor is like an Army sergeant and his mission is to whip you into shape.

The facilities

This gym is just plain cool; very East-London hipster with a sick logo and industrial interior with moody lighting and neon details. It smells great too – they must have bought a bucket load of incense. The changing rooms are pretty small but you do get a free locker. You’ll need to bring your own beauty products though.


Points to note

  • Bring your own towel and water, you’ll need it.
  • The receptionist is so nice – make sure you chat to her.
  • Because you have to work with a partner I think it’s best to work out with a friend: I’d hate to impose my sweaty self on a stranger.


This class is really, really hard. Really hard. But it was weirdly fun.

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