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The Most Hilarious Podcasts For Your Commute


Is it a sign of old age, or a sign of the times that instead of the latest Boiler Room mix I’m now more likely to be found listening to a Podcast on my commute? There’s a line in my favourite TV show Eastbound and Down where the notoriously juvenile star Kenny Powers says ‘I’m a grown up, I listen to This American  Life’. And there is something quite mature about listening to certain Podcasts, you feel like you have your sh*t together. Of course some are just hilariously funny. So without further ado here are six of the best.


Ronna & Beverly

Try not to laugh at this biweekly Podcast and you will fail miserably. It’s a weird concept – two fifty-something Jewish mothers, Ronna & Beverly, generally bitch, dole out advice and burp alongside celebrity guests. They’re like the know-it-all aunts at every wedding; Ronna the sophisticated one and Beverly the kooky one. I can highly recommend this, it’s just hilarious.

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This Week Had Me Like

BEST. PODCAST. OF. ALL. TIME. Seriously it really is. Host Caroline Goldfarb is a celebrity expert and also owner of the @officialseanpenn Instagram feed for all your jokes celeb meme needs. This podcast is an extension of the Instagram account and sends up celebrity thirst traps, weird celeb endorsements and laughs at Kim Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban every fortnight. This is addictive, you’ve been warned.

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My Dad Wrote a Porno

This show should come with a warning because I can’t count the times I’ve LOLed out loud in the tube/train/checkout line while listening to this. The premise is simple, and disturbing, narrator Jamie’s dad literally wrote a porno. A porno called Belinda Blinked which may be one of the worst examples of writing this century but of course provides many, many laughs. Along with his friends including the delightful Alice Levine, Janie reads a chapter of his dad’s erotic literature each week. The second series has just started so be sure to catch up on series one and thank me later.

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Do you have any suggestions for LOL Podcasts? Leave them in the comments. 



  1. Kara Kearney says

    Hi Sheree,
    I just heard your letter on Ronna and Beverly. (My current favorite podcast, I’ll have to check out your other suggestions) and decided to look up your blog. I’m so glad you decided to travel and follow your heart, go girl!!!
    My sister is currently in Cambodia, after teaching in China for a few years and traveling that area. We miss her, but she is livin’ the dream and it looks like you are too!

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