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6 Of The Best Luxury Candles

‘You’re literally burning your cash’ a friend once said to me over my penchant for posh candles, but I can’t slash won’t stop buying them. In the big scheme of things they’re a relatively inexpensive treat, hell I can drop £30 in Nando’s no problem, so a nice luxe candle is way better for my waistline and they do last. I hate cheap scented candles because they just smell rank – they do! A decent scented candle can emit a luscious fragrance even when not lit and when you do spark up it only takes a minute (girl) to fill your entire room with a delicious scent. Also in my defence I do use the empty pots when they’re burnt out for storing makeup and trinkets so really they’re quite a good investment. And everyone needs a little luxury in their lives, a well-placed Diptyque candle can elevate your room decor tenfold, it’s just classy bbz. Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.32.50

Byredo candle | Diptyque Mimosa candle| Bella Freud Loving Candle 

Le Labo Candle | Lola James Harper Candle | Byredo Prune Glacée 



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