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Hindi for Basic B*tches

So called because ‘Hindi for Dummies’ was already taken. I guess you’re going to India – lucky you! Here’s some basic b*tch Hindi to get by with…


Hello – Namaste [Nas-mas-day)
Goodbye – Namaskar [Na-mas-ka]

Saying ‘ji’ at the end of the name is used to show respect i.e. Namaste Shiva Ji

Yes – Jee [As in ‘Gee Mister’]
No- Nahin [Na-hee]

Please – Krpaya [Kree-pie-ya]
Thank you – Dhanyavaad [Dan-nay-vad]

Good morning – Shubh prabhat
Good evening – Shubh sandhya
Good night – Shubh ratri


How are you? – Aap kaise hain?
I am fine – Mai achchha hoon
You’re welcome – Aapka swagat hai

My name is Sheree – Mera naam Sheree hai
What is your name?- Aapka kya naam hai?

I’m from (England) – Mein (England) se hoon.
I am hungry and thirsty. – mai bhukhaa aur pyaasaa hoon.
Can you help me? – Kya aap meri madad kar saktey hain?

Where is the bathroom? – Aucaghara kahaan hai?
Excuse me …! – (to ask for something/ to pass by) kshama keejeeae…
How much is it? – Yeh kitne ka hai?


One: ek
Two: do
Three: teen
Four: chaar
Five: paannch
Six: chheh
Seven: saat
Eight: aath
Nine: nao
Ten: dus
Twenty: bees
Hundred: sau
One Thousand: ek Hazzar
One Hundred Thousand: Laakh

The BBC travel website has helpful audio Hindi phrases to help you learn.

My advice is show willingness and politeness by at least saying ‘Namaste’ as a greeting (can be used to say ‘bye’ too).

And learn how to say ‘No’ too, repeat after me… NA-HEE, NA-HEE, NA-HEE!


Main image: The Goddess Durga (Divine Mother) creative commons free license. 

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