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The 7 Emotional Stages of Packing

Packing was invented by Satan to provide him with much entertainment from confused backpackers and holidaymakers – like why does everything fit in when you first pack, then once you’ve taken it out and try to re-pack it doesn’t? Anyway it’s a necessary evil so let’s go though the 7 emotional steps we all experience:

1. Totally Nonchalant

I have months and months to pack. I’m not even going to think about it – I mean as long as I have some cash and a sexy bikini I’m golden, right!?

2. Lets Do Some Research

*Spends 11 hours straight on travel blogs* Okayyyy, so I might need more than a bikini… what’s a microfibre towel? I need an adapter or 10 as well…


3. Sh*t!!!!!!!!

I have nothing! Nothing. Nothinggggggggg… Why have I been so stupid? I need a torch, a headscarf, a sleeping bag, a 10 week supply of malaria tablets and a crochet dress.

4. Shopping is Fun

*Amazon basket full of everything from penknifes to pop up tents*

5. Sh*t!!!!!!

I’m spending a lot of money. Maybe I don’t need the cutlery set, spare laptop battery and GoPro with all the accessories. I could also leave the guidebooks.

6. I Should Have My Own Packing TV Show

Or at least a YouTube channel… I’m like, so good at this. Everything is so neat, everything is functional, I’ve got all the necessities and I’ll still look good, I’m a geni… oh wait, I can’t lift this bag. Nothing fits! I can’t go through this again…

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7. What Will Be Will Be

F*ck it. I’ve got my Passport, and I’m bored of packing now.

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So there you have it. Pack savvy with my amazing packing guides:

My Packing List Pt. 1 (Clothing and Tech)

My Packing List Pt. 2 (Cosmetics)



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