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My Travel Bucket List

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On the 5th of February 2016 (that’s pretty soon – eek) I’ll be heading out on the road for my round the world trip. I’ve spent a lot of time planning logistics, finances and other admin things like that, but I haven’t sat down and thought about what I want to get out of this trip. So I’ve reached down deep and come up with a bucket list of experiences I want from my travels…

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1. Get a massage

I have never had a massage (gasp), I know, shoot me! There are two reasons, one being I hate spending money on things I can’t see… like nice underwear, totally pointless to me. The other is, ewwwwww, stranger intimately caressing my naked body – I seriously don’t get enough action of that kind anyway, so my body isn’t used to it. My little sister LOVES massages, she’s obsessed, she even let a souk-keeper molest her in Marrakesh in exchange for a quick back rub (now that was funny) so they must be good. I want what she’s having, minus the pervy Moroccan dude.

2. Have a holiday romance

Again, something I have never done, I guess because a lot of my holidays have been with my family – or for work. Or short city breaks where I walk 20 miles a day trying to see everything I can and then collapse as soon as my head hits the hotel bed. If I can’t get laid in Thailand, seriously, I will join a f*cking nunnery.


3. See the Taj Mahal

I’ve eaten in about three ‘Taj Mahal’ Indian restaurants by this point so it seems only right that I see the building that inspired them all. Oh, and it’s a wonder of the world too.

4. Not swim with dolphins

Overrated, stupid grey rubbery things. I don’t do cliche. Now, swimming with pigs, that’s another matter, I love pigs.

5. Go tubing in Laos

I’d heard tales of tubing but no one ever went into detail so I literally had no idea what it was. This sounds sooooo much fun, and a backpacker rite of passage. I know it’s a little tacky and dangerous but so is Alton Towers and that’s a great day out. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO TO SEE WHAT TUBING IS.

6. Be moved to tears

No by a film or one of those incredibly manipulative Cancer research adverts but by a real, genuine sight, or person or natural phenomenon. Is that too much to ask. I have cried at the price of, oh, everything in London but I don’t think that counts.

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7. See the Southern Lights

Like the Northern ones but southerly. I hope to see these in New Zealand.

8. Touch an elephant

My old housemate Anna got trampled on by an elephant so she’s warned me off riding them, but washing them or feeding them I would love to do. I’ve never seen one IRL, I just want to touch the skin to see what it feels like (my feet before a pedicure?).

9. Rent a bicycle

I love cycling, I’m a bike girl and find it one of the most enjoyable forms of transport. It’s a great way of seeing a new place and I think I’ll feel more at home on a bike.

10. Make some amazing memories

That’s what it’s all about, eh? I’ll be sure to share them on this here blog of course.


11. Prove my theory that I can’t get bitten by mosquitoes

I can’t. I just know it. I never have and I never will. Famous last words…

12. Eat Cerviche in Lima, Peru

… and curry in India, Kangaroo in Australia, Souls in LA… you get it. I am greedy.

13. Visit the desert town of Huacachina in Peru

It’s a literal desert mirage, lagoon thing, home to less than 100 people and it just looks perfect. Luckily it’s a backpacker haven and there are a couple of great hostels there. Swimming and sand-surfing here I come.


14. Do something that scares me

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything that cares me. that is because I live firmly within my comfort zone on a day to day basis. I really want to push myself and say yes to every new opportunity that presents itself. After all I’ll have no responsibilities so hopefully I’ll adopt a more devil-may-care attitude.

What’s on your bucket list?


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  3. greatventuresurfco says

    Hey Sheree, we love your site! Would love to chat to you about possibly writing some guest blogs for us during your travels? If you fancy it drop us a quick line at greatventuresurfco@gmail.com and if not have the absolute best time! P.S If you are Thailand try and visit Koh Tao – literally one of my favourite places in the world!

    GVS Co xx


  4. Sarah says

    If you’ve got Kenya on your list then check out the elephant orphanage in Nairobi. Sooooo adorable and also a great cause to support. In fact, if you are planning to hit Kenya, give me a shout. I know a lot of the best places and I have contacts in a lot of the backpackers hostels and lodges etc. If you’re not coming to Kenya then why the hell not?! Seriously though, have a great time.


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