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Colours of India by Alexandre Pietra

These wonderfully still yet vibrant, clean yet characterful images of Mumbai, Nasik, Pune and Mahabaleshwar by Swiss graphic designer Alexandre Pietra evoke a different sense of modern India. Pietra says of his project:

“India is a beautiful, mystical and friendly place. Although, many of these people and towns are very poor, the power of their spirits will never fade away. That is exactly what I wanted to enhance.

In my images the people in the streets are constantly smiling, just enjoying the life they have, not paying too much attention to the material things. They have what they need, and that is enough for them to be happy. Every house and every wall is painted with the bright colour, making the street view astonishing. It is like living in a huge painting.”

What do you think of these stunning photographs?

india 66

Credit:Alexandre Pietra

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