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Beauty Bits To Take in Your Backpack 

There are the obvious things and then the not so obvious things…. A caveat to this article is that you may require different bits to me. You will certainly need more than the items on this list, but the lesson to take away from this, is to think outside the box. Just because someone has told you to take certain bits, you need to truly tailor your packing to you. If you have annoying baby hair and use a certain gel to tame them every day, than by Jove, take it with you (and a spare). If you have skin that burns particularly easily then take your favourite SPF, they might not have a high enough factor for you in Sri Lanka or wherever. So the following are examples but also represent a savvy way of thinking when it comes to beauty.

Hairdressing Scissors

Am I a hairdresser? No. Could I be? …Nooooo. Is my hair a bit mental? Yes! On a level, though, you’re not going to shell out for a haircut on your travels, split ends happen, especially when frazzled by the sun, and you can easily give yourself a neat little trim every so often. Prevention is better than the cure and it’s better to snip off an inch rather than risk your hair turning into a giant dreadlock. You could also charge people for trims… side eye.

Eyelash Curlers

Wearing makeup while travelling in hot countries, lying on beaches and flying is just mental – props to you if you can or want to, but really, let’s not even go there. Obviously we all want to look our best so there are little tips and tricks. Eyelash curlers are miracle workers; they open your eyes, lengthen your eyelashes, and if you get good ones (try Shu Uemera) you’ll never have to replace them. Mascara is hard when travelling – hard to get off. And if you can’t remove it properly, your eyelashes will die.

Sample Products

These are a blessing because they’re free! And you can get waaaaay better shiz than your budget would normally allow. Plus, as a traveller, you only want small items anyway. This is an all-round winner. Hit up your favourite beauty counters (if you choose a large department store you can make a killing) and simply ask nicely for some testers. They are usually packaged really securely too so they’re perfect for your backpack. A small vial of Chanel Mademoiselle can come in handy after a 12-hour sleeper train.


I wouldn’t usually, but they are really handy. And I mention these as a separate item to bobbles, you’ll need those too. Sometimes a bobble really hurts, or your hair is wet, or feels fragile and delicate and they can do more harm than good. A soft scrunchie is like a hug for your tresses, they’re comfortable to sleep in and won’t they won’t damage your locks. You can always lie and say that your day-glo pink scrunchie is bang on-trend in the UK. No one will believe you but…

An Excellent Moisturiser

I can’t vouch for every country, because, I haven’t been so… Haha. In a lot of places, though, especially Asian countries you will find many moisturisers contain whitening agents. Plus you won’t be able to read the label and you won’t know what’s in them. Some of the creams used in Asia are banned in the UK, Australia and the United States so steer clear. Your face is not worth risking and since your favourite brands will be hard to come by, take your fave moisturiser. You’ll need it more than ever in different climates. I love Hylamide, it’s an great all-rounder.

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