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Why Going Travelling Nearly Made Me Have a Nervous Breakdown*

* Not literally, obvs, but planning a RTW is hard! I had second and third thoughts before I even stepped foot on a plane (let alone another country). I pulled it back though and that’s the important thing, but nevertheless, I found that I had a bit of a wobble a few months before my trip…

So, okayyyy, in the big scheme of things, a year or two spent travelling is a drop in the ocean, but when you’re in your twenties, a year is a long time. A whole lot can happen in a year (and often does) and that scared me, I thought ‘sh*t am I wasting my prime years?’. The answer to that is ‘no’, because like Jennifer Lopez, I will not reach my prime until my early 40s which leaves plenty of time for globetrotting.

Financially travelling scared me too, this is because prior to actually committing to a year of travel I was a bit ignorant of the costs. I knew about flights and making sure that I had enough cash for somewhere to lay me head each night, but the unexpected costs kept creeping up and adding to my already huge budget.

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I’ll level with you, I’m the worst saver in the world, money just flows through my hands like water – that’s the way it is, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that dosh doesn’t stick around long with me. So changing the bad habits of a lifetime and saving was a very difficult adjustment… I don’t think I quite ‘got it’ until 4 months into my saving period and I’d saved the grand total of nothing.


The concept, as it turns out, is simple, don’t spend £200 on a new dress and go to Nandos 4 times a week if you’re saving up. It just took me longer than most to figure out that trick. Once I did figure it out, I became super-organised and created a document detailing all the visas, injections and kit I would need for my expedition around the globe. That quickly added an extra £1000 on to my target savings goal. Queue freak out.

I managed to fix that problem by being very dedicated to making extra cash, so I got on eBay and Depop, sold a lot of clothes (that I didn’t need). I also took on freelance blogging and writing gigs and chased up any money I was owed. This soon added up and I felt like I was back on track.


depop image

Also, I visited my Asthma nurse to talk to her about my trip because I was becoming increasingly concerned I would die in a jungle somewhere – this won’t happen, of course – but I’m unlucky and I have an illness that can attack at any time. We worked out a plan that involved getting a huge supply of inhalers and some emergency antibiotics and steroids. All good.



While at the clinic I enquired about my vaccinations and immunisations, turns out, I needed more than I thought because I’d somehow missed a lot of boosters like Measles (typical), BUT I had budgeted £250 for my immunisations and as it turns out, I could get most of them for free! This saved me over £150 so it’s definitely worth asking your doctor, I know it varies nationwide but do check.


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I think the most difficult adjustment was that when I decided to travel I had to leave London, because I just couldn’t afford to save with rent, bills and travel costing £1000 a month. All in the space of a month I quit my job, handed the keys in to my house, left the city I had loved for 4 years and all the wonderful friends I had there.


It was a lot of stuff in a short space of time and though it took a few months for it to sink in, when it did, it hit me hard. My whole life was completely different. And yes, way more sh*t. I was back at home, living with my Mum(who, to be fair, is a lot of fun), in a small town where I knew no one. I felt like I’d gone from an enviable and fun lifestyle to, well, no lifestyle.

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However, this was my decision, I chose to sacrifice a few (or a lot) of things to pursue my dream of travelling. That doesn’t mean to say it was easy, it was f*king hard. Working at a boring job, saving like a demon and not having much in the way of a social life was just next-level boring.

I combatted the mundane routine of my life by becoming a travel blog obsessive, I would read 100s each week, and reading other people’s tips and seeing all the amazing experiences they were having around the world spurred me on. I also started loosely planning things I wanted to do, and top 10s for each country. Packing lists, playlists – anything that kept my goals in sight.


I’m not quite there yet, there are few weeks before I leave, but these past few months of saving, planning and preparing for my round the world adventure have tested me in ways I never thought possible. Knowing that I overcame the struggle, saved every single penny by myself through sheer hard work and made it through the other end is going to make this trip so much sweeter.

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For the rest of 2016 I’m not going to have to go to work, I’ll see more beaches than I have in my entire life, I’ll get to experience different cultures and go to places I’ve dreamed of going my whole life. YASSSSSSSSSS QUEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I will miss my comfy double bed though…


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