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4 Tips to Make Long-Haul Flights Less Boring

If you’re going to be travelling, backpacking or just taking a trip to some far an distant land (lucky you) chances are you’ll be going by plane… I dread to think how long it would take to visit somewhere tropical by water, road or train. While long-haul flights ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, (unless you’re travelling in business or first class, in which case let me know how it is) they can be made way more enjoyable with these four fun tips…

The Mile High ‘Club’

NOT THAT ONE, you dirty-minded thing you, no! Turn your seat into an oh-so-exclusive club (capacity: one) with a banging playlist of the latest tunes. Whether you use an iPod, a walkman… maybe not, or your phone, just make sure you get some great quality over-ear headphones. The in-ear ones are useless. Big headphones cancel out noise too. I use Spotify, but remember to download your favourite playlists so you can listen to them offline.

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You Better Werk

A lot of travellers are ‘digital nomads’ or at least have a travel blog to keep updated. Use dead airtime to write up stories, articles pitches. You can even edit photos and create full blog posts – you don’t need an internet connection to write! Time is money, as they say, and flip-down tables work well as desks.

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Sky High Pamper Session

When you’re up in the air, there’s no better time to slather yourself in lotions and potions – in fact, don’t spend any money, use the high-end samples in duty free beforehand! Whatever you do, be sure to moisturise, give your face a good massage to reduce puffiness, drink lots of water, paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows and arrive at your destination looking like Kate Moss… maybe not Kate Moss (she has plane rage) but any of the Kardashians.

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Stick Your Nose in It

We all lead busy lives and getting the chance to read a good book is a rare luxury, even when travelling and job-free, downtime is still a rarity and unfortunately it’s considered bad manners in most circles to read while in company. On an airplane silence is golden and it’s the perfect time to get stuck into a great story. Load up your Kindle with all the classics and it won’t cost you a penny!

So there you have it, 4 tips to make flights that bit more bearable, do you have any for me?

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  1. I’m headed from the US to New Zealand in a few weeks… 15 hours from LA to Sydney, Australia. Thanks for sharing your tips! Super helpful 🙂


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