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The Fashionable Backpacker Manifesto

To travel the world. To do so in style! Before I was a world traveller I was a London-based fashionista… I had an award-winning fashion blog, had worked with numerous fashion magazines, had a job creating content for a huge UK high street fashion brand. Plus I was a regular at all those fashion-type parties and London Fashion Week. So you can see how it might be hard for me to reconcile a lightweight life on the road with my innate need to be sartorially spectacular! That’s how The Fashion Backpacker was born. While I was researching my round the world trip I searched high and low for travel tips that had a little bit of extra cool. Just because I’m going to be a backpacker it doesn’t mean I’m giving up who I am. I still want to look and feel great and if I have to wear hiking shoes and a money belt they will damn-well be the most stylish you can get your hand on!