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My house-buying journey

Buckle up, it’s a looong one.  Jan 2021 I’ve moved back to my mum’s during lockdown and decided to give up my London flat, so I have the motivation to start this house-buying ‘journey’. I hate the phrase ‘journey’ but as this is a flipping epic saga it makes sense.  I set up alerts on Rightmove and draw up a list of must-haves and definitely-absolutely-no’s for my dream pad.  I want a period property with at least 2 bedrooms. Nice to have: my own front door. Very nice to have: a separate dining room, bay window and garden.  It’s been SUCH a long process and I feel like my life is kind of on hold. @chez.shez Alerts start pinging for properties but as it’s lockdown I don’t rush to follow up–big mistake–properties are getting snapped up in record time.  See a lovely 2 bed Victorian terrace with a garden on a quiet street next to a cute little pub. I think this is a contender, call up the estate agents and book a viewing. I’m …

H&M Home Haul

For years I’ve heard my friends and fellow bloggers rave about H&M’s amazing homewares range but never bothered to check it out until recently, because I shop online and H&M are notoriously bad at online shopping – everything takes about 4 weeks to arrive. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Now I’ve moved SOUTH OF THE MF RIVER (can you believe it) to Brixton, I’m taking advantage of the, frankly great, high street. The jewel in the crown of which is H&M and it’s shiny new homewares section. I’ve just moved house so needed a few things to spruce up my room and I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap the stuff is. I got a few great cushions, some jewel-toned glassware and a cute pineapple candle. Is the pineapple trend over yet? I refuse to let go of it without a fight. Shop H&M home

House of Dreams: Why We’re Addicted to Pinning

I recently spent a full, sunny (!) afternoon busily decorating my home, picking out gorgeous fabrics, lamps, plants and all that good stuff. Of course this was my imaginary, completely not real home. Which lives, in a way, on my Pinterest account. I’m obsessive about collecting these images and relish looking at their loveliness, weirdly, like an actual home, I believe my choice in virtual decor reflects well upon me.  Of course I have never and maybe will never own a home, I live in London… actually, scratch that, I live nowhere! I’ve just returned to England after travelling for several months, so technically I’m homeless. But when I do move into some place it is 100% going to be incredibly expensive rented accommodation. I’ve lived in house-shares my entire adult life; which are so fun, always a friend to share a bottle of Tempranillo with, parties, hungover breakfasts. However the drawback is that you don’t have a space that’s really yours. The house is literally owned by someone else, you are merely a paying …